If you were looking for a game that would leave you speechless with its graphics, pay attention to the extreme photorealism of this new video of Hellblade 2 – Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Players don’t need much to get excited, and with just a 1-minute trailer They already have our full attention.. This time Hellblade 2 has shined with a graphic sample of what he is capable of, but that has not been the only surprise, and that is that the Epic Games Engine It is capable of offering us much more than we think. The Lords of the Fallen has also boasted of graphics and a great setting in another somewhat longer trailer.

As can be seen on the Ninja Theory YouTube channel, Hellblade 2 has released a new trailer that boasts unparalleled photorealism. In 3DJuegos we already echoed the study’s obsession with realism and it did so with bird feces. However, this time they wanted to surprise us with a facial animation test, as shown at the Epic Games event of the GDC 2023 Unreal Engine. The technology used in Hellblade 2 is will be able to use from this summer for everyone, but development studios can already use it

“We are expanding the limits of facial animation in real time in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II”, says Ninja Theory in the description of the video. In addition, the other game that has shone is Lords of the Fallen, a very promising soulslike which boasts a setting in a new trailer that reveals the technical capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

The Lords of the Fallen also shines with Unreal Engine 5

“A vast world awaits you in the new fantasy action RPG dark The Lords of the Fallen. As one of the legendary Dark Crusaders, embark on an epic quest to overthrow Adyr, the demon god,” says CI Games in the video description. In the trailer you can see the customization of characters, armor, lighting and the interconnected world , as we have been told in a press release. What is shown in the video belongs to one of the first locations of the game. The Lords of the Fallen will be released in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and you can now add it to your wish list in the different digital stores.

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