If you’re a fan of confusing ‘thrillers,’ you have to watch this tense sci-fi movie in the vein of ‘Cube’ and ‘The Hole.’

If you like movies that challenge the viewer, try this French production from a few years ago.

A young woman wakes up trapped in a narrow pipe. On her arm she has a bracelet with a countdownBut he doesn’t know where he is or if his life is in danger. Fans of muddled thrillers are already rubbing their hands together, right? This is the premise of The tubea 2020 film that will delight all those who have cube Y The hole among its referents.

If you want to see the film, it is available on Movistar+ or for rent on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV.

The film is directed by Mathieu Turi, a French filmmaker who, after two short films, launched into feature films with hostile in 2017 and, subsequently, with The tube in 2020. The film debuted at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival in October 2020, which, due to the pandemic, was in an online format. Already in May 2021 it saw the light on the big screen with very good reviews, but zero commercial success. Worldwide it grossed nearly $700,000. Of course, it was not very opportune when it was released. The confinement complicated everything.

“Diabolical in its simplicity, this stunning and harrowing French horror is the cinematic holy grail of the 21st century that fans of cube they have been searching“, notes James Croot in his critique of Stuff. screendaily also relates it to Natali’s tape: “Similar in tone and theme to cubeby Vicenzo Natali, should be attractive to distributors in the market.” The same as gizmodo: “It’s a lot like a much smaller version of the 1997 horror movie cube“. Come on, the resemblance to the tape is undeniable.

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The events of The tube They begin when young Lisa gets into the car with a stranger. It’s the biggest mistake of her life, since she soon wakes up stuck in a tube with no clue other than a bracelet with a countdown. The situation will become increasingly strange and dangerous.

Although the influence of cube It is present in many moments of the tape, The tube it fails to reach the same level of intrigue and complexity as the plots in Natali’s film. Still, it’s a very entertaining film that arouses the viewer’s curiosity, with very interesting twists and a great interpretation of the protagonistGaia Weiss.

Turi is not well known outside its borders and it remains to be seen if he makes the leap at some point. He is now preparing Gueules Noires, another horror title in which some trapped miners will have to flee from a bloodthirsty creature. After making noise with The tubeperhaps this film is his great cinematographic leap.