“I’m in my pajamas, eating fried potatoes and farting”: Kate Winslet breaks the schemes on the idealization of bodies that have cost her so much to overcome

The actress has revealed how the press made her feel many years ago and how she has decided to break with that media pressure for a non-existent perfection.

Kate Winslet

For the past few weeks, Kate Winslet has been hogging the views and the likes of all videos on social networks. His statements during the promotion of the film Avatar: The Sense of Waterwhere he plays Rolan, have gone around the world and have shown once again that nothing is what it seems in Hollywood.

From being the most adorable person in the world with a young journalist who was debuting with her for the first time, to revealing the bullying that he has suffered for many years from the press about his physical form.

Don’t you dare treat me like this.”sentences the protagonist of titanic. During the video that has gone viral on networks, Winslet recounts how as a young man journalists at that time asked him questions that were out of place about weight or other details about his fitness.

Now, after hard work, the actress no longer feels that pressure on her person, but she does admit that she would have treated this matter differently:

If I could go back, I would have used my voice in a different way. He would have told (the journalists). I am a young woman. My body is changing and I’m discovering it. I’m insecure. I’m terrified. Don’t make it harder than it already is

In addition to sharing her experience with the interviewer, the actress also gives her opinion on the current situation that exists regarding the idealization of the media of a woman’s body in front of another, and how it can affect the younger generation above all.

“Even when an actress is walking down the red carpet and they say, ‘She’s perfect and slim.’ Don’t you dare say that. It’s such an irresponsible thing to do and feeds directly off of the young women who they aspire to a perfection that does not existWinslet says.

To give her words more meaning and credibility, the interpreter shares one of her daily scenes without any kind of taboo: “This is one night and only one night. Trust me, my other version is me in the car on the way home, in my pajamas, eating chips and farting. That’s what we do!”.