Imany, eight cellos and beautiful covers

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The singer Imany is making her comeback on stage tomorrow at the Halle aux grains, on the occasion of the release of her cover album “Voodoo Cello”.

For ten years, Imany’s deep and captivating voice has accompanied us, through songs fueled by soul, folk, blues inspirations … The interpreter of “You Will Never Know”, and “Don’t be so shy”, her two great successes, released in September 2021 a captivating new album, Voodoo Cello, on which appears an acoustic version of her cover of “Wonderful Life”, Colin Vearncombe’s hit in 1987, to which she injects her positive energy. After a three-year break following international tours, health conditions, and especially the birth of her second child, now is the time to meet the French public for a major tour which passes this Sunday through the Halle aux Grains.

Madonna, Marley, Sheeran

Simply supported by an ensemble of eight cellists, in a staging signed by a great name in the theater, Macha Makeïeff, Imany appropriates pop standards, from Nina Simone to Madonna, including Elton John, Radiohead, Bob Marley, Henri Salvador, Ed Sheeran …

So many voices and universes that inspired this singer-songwriter of Comorian origin, born in Martigues in the Bouches-du-Rhône, ex-model, and committed woman… Imany is ambassador of the ENDOmind association for the recognition of endometriosis, a disease that affects many women. It is also invested in the fight for equal rights and the environmental cause. His return to the stage is eagerly awaited. The Toulouse concert will be sold out in a grain hall welcoming around 1,100 spectators tomorrow Sunday.

Imany in concert on Sunday January 9 at 8 p.m. at the Halle aux Grains. From € 27 (there are only a handful of tickets left to buy before the concert).
Album “Voodoo Cello” (Virgin Records/Universal)