Imlie Spoiler Alert: Aditya calls tamarind ‘goodbye’, will memory go away?

Imlie Spoiler Alert: Aditya calls tamarind ‘goodbye’, will memory go away?

In the TV serial ‘Imli’ these days Satyakam is lying behind Aditya. Satyakam is determined to take revenge on Aditya and ensure justice to tamarind. Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) had told the truth to Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) that he would now get Sambul Touqueer Khan his wife’s status in the society.

Before this, every thought of Aditya proved to be true that Satyakam has reversed the middle. Till now you have seen that Satyakam has told Aditya that as long as he stays, the tamarind will be sad.

Starring Sumbul Tauqir Khan, Kashmir Mahajani, and Mayuri Deshmukh, this serial is going to take a big turn in the coming days. In the upcoming episode of ‘Imli’, it will be shown that Satyakam will bury Aditya alive in the ground. As soon as the tamarind reaches there, she will ask Satyakam that where is Aditya after all?

Tamarind will realize that Satyakam has done something wrong with Aditya. By taking the gun from Satyakam’s hand, Tamarind would threaten her that if she did not tell the truth, she would kill herself.

Satyakam will be afraid of Tamarind and will tell him everything about Aditya. Tamarind will do a hundred to save Aditya’s life. After bringing Aditya to death, the tamarind will kiss on his forehead, but the next moment he will remember the words of Anu. Tamarind will immediately get away from Aditya and ask her that she said Aaj Tak and did something else.

Aditya will also remember the words of Satyakam and only then he will call tamarind forever. There are more fierce twists in tamarind in the coming days. It will be further shown that Aditya will have an accident while returning home. It is believed that Aditya will lose his memory and will forget everything.