Imlie Spoiler Alert: Aditya will be shocked to see Malini being insulted

Imlie Spoiler Alert: Aditya will be shocked to see Malini being insulted

In the TV serial ‘Imli’, a new character Kunal Chauhan has been entered in the past. With the entry of Kunal Chauhan, Malini’s biggest lie has got strength. Malini has lied to Aditya’s family members that she has a person named Kunal in her life, with whom she wants to settle down.

Malini does not want the truth of Aditya and Imli’s marriage to come out in front of everyone. In such a situation, now Aditya’s family members are misunderstanding Malini. In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Aditya will fight with his family members for Malini.

After returning from the court, Aditya and Imli will come back home. On returning home, Aditya will tell Tamarind that he wants everyone to know the truth as soon as possible. Imli is unable to deny Aditya’s words because now she has started feeling that there is really someone else in Malini’s life. While talking to Tamarind for the first time, Aditya will call her Mrs. Tripathi and during this time there will be no limit to Tamarind’s happiness.

In the upcoming episode, it will also be shown that Tamarind will take the eyes of Aditya in front of all the family members and also wish him a long life. Aditya will shower a lot of love on tamarind only in gestures.

In the upcoming episode, Aditya’s family members will point fingers at Malini and seeing all this, Aditya’s blood will boil. Aditya will request everyone not to judge Malini like this. Along with this, Aditya will also give Malini the title of the most perfect girl in his life in front of Imli. During this time Aditya will also try his best to tell the truth of his and Tamarind’s marriage to the people.