In 2024 we could still have great video game releases on the previous generation of consoles: Call of Duty is one of the candidates – PlayStation 4

Although the call of duty series sometimes it is set as an example as a technological marvel, it is still a franchise that reaches millions and millions of players of all the world. Perhaps for this reason we have not yet had a new exclusive delivery of a new generation, but Modern Warfare 2 is available to buy and play on both computers and the last two generations of PlayStation and Xbox.

We still have to know what this year holds for us, for which there is already confirmed a new titlebut the information offered by the journalist Tom Henderson in Insider Gaming He tells us about the game that would arrive next year and it is, to say the least, surprising. According to his sources, Call of Duty 2024 could still be released for the previous generation of consoles.

Treyarch would have plans to launch its new CoD on PS4 and One

This would mean that, although we were probably in the final stretch of 2024, the title would come out not only in pc, PS5 and Xbox Series X|Sbut also in ps4 and Xbox One. The information comes from documents leaked from Activision Blizzard just a few days ago, and they confirm that it would be an intergenerational delivery whose development would be carried out by TreyarchResponsable of black ops.

It must be clarified that all this may be subject to change because there is still a long time ahead until the title is presented to us, and we must also take into account that the approval or not of the Activision Blizzard purchase by Microsoft, which is still being studied by different major regulatory bodies, will greatly affect the future of the franchise.


The 2023 expansion is now a full game

This news has been accompanied by reporting from Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier about what we can expect this year. According to their sources, Activision has decided that what was previously planned as a major expansion for Modern Warfare 2 is now a full game. We would be talking about a title led by Sledgehammer and supervised by Infinity Ward that would continue the story of Modern Warfare 2 with a new campaign, maps and modes, but also incorporating the content of the 2022 delivery. release is scheduled for next fall.