In Australia they have already classified Starfield, and that tells us a lot about what the Bethesda game will be like – Starfield

After a while without knowing much about him, Starfield has recently shown signs of life. He Bethesda Space RPG surprised us all with a new trailer to set the new release date, which is going to the second half of the year despite the fact that it was scheduled for the first. But, beyond the details that that brief preview left us, we have more information now due to a record that has been produced.

We mean that the game has been classified in the australian body that is in charge of analyzing the titles to put an age restriction. Title has obtained the highest constraintrecommending the title for people over 18 years of age not only because of the violence, which has been explained by saying that it has “a strong impact”, but for more reasons.

Has received a higher age rating than Fallout 4

Without going any further, it is mentioned the interactive use of drugs in the video game, which has been classified as “high impact” (we know of a drug called ‘Jet’ that the character can be addicted to). For its part, the levels of sex and nudity are low, and those of foul language, moderate. However, the entire set of elements makes Starfield receive a stronger rating than Starfield. fallout 4which was recommended for people over 15 years of age ahead of its launch in 2015.


When is Starfield released?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Bethesda (with the freedom of xbox) finally set what looks like the final release date for Starfield. Its premiere is scheduled for the day September 6, 2023when you will disembark in pc, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox’s flagship subscription service, GamePass. Furthermore, the company has confirmed a special event in which we will see more of the ambitious space RPG: it will be called Starfield Direct and will be held on June 11, after the Xbox Games Showcase.