In Belgium, digital radio on the platforms of FM

(ETX Daily Up) – In Belgium, they invade the airwaves. Digital radios, broadcast in DAB+, are increasingly listened to compared to FM. 74% of French-speaking listeners now choose digital radio, reducing the gap with FM, listened to by 84% of listeners. This is our number of the day.

Digital radio is gaining ground in Belgium. The results of the fifth annual study, the cooperative in charge of the digital transition of French-speaking Belgian radio stations, and IPSOS on the consumption of digital radio in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, note an increase in the number of daily listeners to radio stations broadcast in DAB+ and a drop in the number of FM radio listeners. If in 2022, the latter has maintained its lead with 84% of listeners, digital radio nibbles the airwaves by now being listened to by three quarters of listeners, 74% of consumers.

A trend that continues to rise since only 45% of listeners favored digital radio in 2018, while FM radio then attracted 94% of consumers.

Since then, the numbers have only fallen for FM, despite a surge in 2022. DAB+ meanwhile faced a loss of momentum in 2021, but recovered in 2022.

The survey also highlighted the growth in the volume of listening to the platforms. Digital radios accounted for 17% of listening volume in 2018 and rose to 42% in 2022. And again, FM vibrates to the rhythm of a drop in its listening volume, falling from 82% in 2018 to 58% in 2022.

With 20% of the digital listening volume, DAB+ even has the luxury of being preferred by listeners to streaming radio (16%) and those broadcast on television (7%).

This success can be explained in particular by the positive reactions of listeners who consider themselves satisfied with their DAB+ radio at 92%, citing in particular the quality of the sound, the good reception and the ease of use. It should be noted, however, that 96% of listeners say they are satisfied with their internet radio.