In Cahors, the Classico Frenzy festival returns with a vengeance on May 19 and 20

the essential
The old Classico Folies, which became Classico Frenzy in 2019, return to the Cadurcian scene on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May. A 7th edition under the sign of Denmark.

Young people, classical music and a bit of Denmark. This is the winning equation of the Classico Frenzy festival (formerly the Classico Folies) which returns to the stage after a blank year. The last edition, in 2020, left spectators to the tunes of the Russian conductor Rustem Abyazov. This time around, the voice is decidedly different. “As part of the year of Denmark, we have chosen the musicians of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Danish Chamber players”, explains Caterina Marcel, the president of the Music’Arte association which organizes the festival. Eva Katrine Dalsgaard on the viola, Tobias Lautrup on the cello, Anne Soe on the violin and Stéphane Tran Ngoc on the violin make up the quartet expected on stage.

On Friday May 20, at 8:30 p.m., the Espace Valentré in Cahors will therefore receive “a duo of musicians as an appetizer from the Copenhagen quartet” as well as the soloist Piano Marina. The day before, Thursday May 19, a completely different kind of evening will take place in the same Valentré space with the pop-rock concert of Miss M’ Harley & the Band. Miss M’ Harley, pianist by training, oscillates between rock and electro. A mixture of genres, shall we say. This concert is also an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of recognition of the AOP of Cahors wines.

But the highlight of the festival for Caterina Marcel takes place behind the scenes, in schools. Here, students from several establishments in Grand Cahors will be able to benefit from a free workshop on Friday afternoon with the musical artist Stéphane Cattaneo. “The classes have already worked since the start of the school year on the notions of quartet and quintet, now, with this artist, they will be able to improvise a painting on music”, adds the president of the association created in Aveyron in 2015 and which shines in the Lot, the Aveyron and the Tarn. Concerts will also be organized in the schools concerned. Because according to her, “classical music is above all living music”.

Information at [email protected], 06 58 37 74 97. Price from 15 euros to 20 euros. Concert pass for Thursday and Friday at 30 euros. Price of 25 euros instead of 30 euros by indicating that you come from the part of Cahors wines.