In just 24 hours ‘Rumbo al infierno’ reaches the top of Netflix in 24 countries, but not in Spain

It’s the golden age of Korean. After ‘The Squid Game’

Horror fans have a new obsession with Netflix. On Friday, November 19, it premiered on the streaming platform Heading to hell and it has quickly positioned itself as one of the most watched series in a large number of countries. Being a Korean production, many compare it to The Squid Game, which has become the great phenomenon – unexpected, in addition – of 2021, but the truth is that it has nothing to do with it.

The only thing they have in common is the success of both titles. According to data from the website that analyzes the streaming service, FlixPatrol, Heading to hell it has been placed, in its first 24 hours, as one of the most watched series in 24 countries. In many of them, as number one. This is the case of Hong-Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan or Mexico. In Spain, for the moment, it currently occupies the fifth position. Has been overtaken by The queen of flow -which has just premiered its second season on the platform-, Red alert, Arcane and If I were rich.

At the same time, the series has achieved a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critic as a whole gives it 100%, although it drops to 82% if we talk about the public’s note. It is one of the fictions of the year for YTN, which defines it as is in its text. “The series is a work that leaves a deep enough impression to make up for it. There is no doubt that it will be the most talked about this winter,” writes Kim Seong-hyeon. It’s also a must-have title for Kylie Northover, from The Age: “The pace may seem slow, but the narrative constantly evolves into a compelling mix of procedural, horror, and cunning commentary on human shortcomings, mortality, sin, justice and the influence of the media. “

Much more than the substitute for ‘The Squid Game’: ‘Heading to Hell’ is unique and “leaves a deep impression”

Yeon Sang-ho’s series is a critique of extreme fanaticism and a society that gets carried away by bad influencers. On The Squid Game There was already social reflection, but it was covered by the violence of the competition. Here, however, it is on the surface and develops it with a story that will keep you from taking off from television.

The central axis of the fiction are attacks by supernatural creatures that come to Earth to take the selected ones to hell. Victims receive a warning before they die, indicating the day and time when they will die and be dragged into darkness. They are events that have no explanation, so various voices arise among the population trying to make sense of it. One of those that resonates the most is that of Jeong Jin-soo (Ah-In Yoo), the leader of the sect known as New Truth, which ensures that the deaths are an act of divine justice.

Heading to hell It is made up of six episodes. After being presented at the Toronto, Busan and London festivals with a very good reception, it now comes to the famous streaming platform. If you’ve already seen it and want to get hooked on another new story, you can enjoy other Netflix original series.

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