In music from Cadiz to Provence

the essential
Four of the five shows offered this year by Les Nouvelles Lyriques have never been presented at the Barrière casino and two are creations including the famous “Toison d’Or” by Francis Lopez.

If you are told that she has velvet eyes, invites love, and the song’s chorus contains “Chi-ca, chi-ca, chic, Aye, aye, aye”, you’ll get it sooner. understanding that the first of the five shows presented this season by Les Nouvelles Lyriques at the Casino Barrière is none other than “La Belle de Cadix” by Francis Lopez. This operetta created with Raymond Vincy will see the light of day on December 24, 1945 and will be a growing triumph. (to see Sunday October 3). In November, intrigues and amorous twists will make the salt of “Rêve de valse” by Oscar Straus which tells the meeting between the beautiful French lieutenant Maurice de Fonségur and the Crown Princess of Snobie who will see their destinies linked because of a mistake (Sunday November 21). Then will follow the first of the season’s creations, a grand spectacle operetta that multiplies the moments of bravery: “La Toison d’Or” by Francis Lopez. Originally presented in 1954 with André Dassary and Colette Riedinger at the Châtelet, it will delight aficionados who will find the well-known refrains of “L’Étoile bleue” or “Never I will have any other love” (Sunday February 20) .

“La Fille du Tambour-major” by Jacques Offenbach (Sunday March 13) will follow a creation of the Roger Louret-Gabriel Sarrou-Vergnac duo, “Couleur Provence”, which will bring together 21 artists on stage performing 90 songs for 2 hours of trip to Vincent Scotto’s country (Sunday April 3).

At the Casino Barrière (18, chemin de la Loge), Toulouse. Prices: from 15 € to 47 € and subscriptions 5 shows: from 160 € to 190 €. Phone. 05 61 33 37 77 (