In the career of Abhishek Banerjee, the OTT platform became a U-turn, bore the same role as before.

In the career of Abhishek Banerjee, the OTT platform became a U-turn, bore the same role as before.

Actor Abhishek Banerjee said that OTT has helped him in changing his image in showbiz. Till now he was only given comedies and the OTT show has helped change this. He explained that “a good word that people use, ‘weird’. I was getting only weird roles. I was worried about why I was getting only bizarre roles. I was bored of it. Thankfully That ‘Patal Lok’ changed it. It told people that I can do more than comedy. ”

The actor says that he was able to prove his versatility due to OTT. “What OTT did gave me the eyes of the audience. It gave me stature. But I think OTT gave me a good full-fledged actor status. Before that, I was only doing comedic roles and I was tired of myself every time. The kind of roll offers was happening at the time. ”

He says “I was such that I have not come here only to do comedy. I can do a lot of other characters and I am ready. All my training is to prove my versatility to the filmmakers and the audience.” Abhishek says that while he was sure that ‘Patal Lok’ would do well, he did not expect it to be popular.

“I knew when I was shooting that I was part of something special. I always used to say that. I knew it was not what I had done before. My film ‘Stree’ was different because she It was my first film and I was scared of what to do. ”

He says, “In Hades, I understood what I was doing right or wrong. I believed it would do well but I didn’t know it would do so well. Before its release, I got the word ‘viral’. I did not understand.”

He adds “Before the trailer (launch), I was in a bad condition. I had finished my shoot and a lot of things were in line, but everything stopped because of a sudden lockdown. I realized that God Has brought it back to the same position. ”

“I used to complain a lot to the universe as to why you chose me to be a victim. Everything changed as soon as the trailer came on OTT channels and I realized that it was a gift of the universe and I was completely grateful. It changed my life completely. ”

Talking about his future plans, he says “I want to choose the project with ethical values ​​and responsibilities. I think it is important for actors to do it. You should have a voice that is important.” I want to do projects that have some story. “