In the shadow of the cameras, Buzéquais Pierre Neraud, stage manager, displays a big smile

the essential
Let’s take advantage of the start of the filming of the feature film “Why are you smiling?” in Agen to discover, throughout this week, several facets of those who allow the seventh art to have a good place in the department. Today, meeting with a manager.

For this first day of filming the film “Why are you smiling?”, Pierre Neraud has a smile from ear to ear. For the next three weeks in Agen, the young manager will be part of the team led by Christine Paillard, Chad Chenouga and Jean-Pascal Zadi.

The 24-year-old Lot-et-Garonnais spent his entire childhood near Buzet-sur-Baïse. After three years in business school in Bordeaux, he decided to stay in the wine capital to do a BTS in film and audiovisual production management. The first weeks in this field opened the eyes of Pierre Neraud who immediately turned to the world of management. During an internship at BAT47, the Lot-et-Garonne filming reception office, he had his first experience only two years ago.

Registrar, what is it?

Being a stage manager means taking care of the smooth running of the shoot. He will handle everything. That is to say the transport of the actors between their accommodation, the place for dressing, make-up, hairdressing and the place of filming. He also prepares for slightly more convivial moments such as the lunch break when the whole team comes together.

For Pierre Neraud, a good manager must be “very organized, attentive and he must know how to make concessions. We have to meet all the people every day, we must be conciliatory and weigh the pros and cons”.

He notably began his career with the project in Lot-et-Garonne called “Day of Glory”. Since then, he has been filming all over the New Aquitaine region, he has become intermittent in the show. After having worked mainly on short films, this is the very first time that he will work on the whole shooting of a feature film.

A first feature film at home

“Working for three weeks in Agen makes me happy because that’s where I was born.” Over the six weeks of filming, the Lot-et-Garonnais will return to their native land. A positive point, according to him, as a manager: “It’s much easier to be in a city you know”.

For the first day of shooting, everything went very well for the stage manager. “Everything has been well prepared with the city of Agen and the Agglomeration, the scouting has been done well with the BAT, so the first hours are going very well”.

On Monday, the teams began to work on the decor at the level of the pharmacy rue Montesquieu then at the bus shelter, place de la préfecture.