In Toulouse, an unpublished version of “La vie parisienne” with the Orchester du Capitole

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The Orchester du Capitole and the Palazzetto Bru Zane foundation are offering a new version of “La vie parisienne”, by Offenbach, on Thursday January 12, at the Halle aux grains.

Created in 2009, in Venice, the Palazzetto Bru Zane foundation aims to defend French romantic music. It focuses on the discovery of unknown composers or unpublished works and versions of famous musicians. “La vie parisienne”, presented for the first time in 1866 at the Palais-Royal theater in Paris, obviously belongs to the second category.
“We discovered the original version of Offenbach’s masterpiece in the archives of the National Library, that is nearly 40% of unpublished music, explains Alexandre Dratwicki, artistic director of the Palazetto Bru Zane. Most often, composers make cuts in the initial work to improve it. This is not the case with Offenbach, who was very satisfied with his work. However, he had to resolve to delete two acts and simplify lines because the artists of the time were unable to sing passages that were too complex and fast. This is easily explained: it was actors who sang, not real singers. »
Today, the proposition is reversed in the field of opera with brilliant singers who know how to play comedy. “Offenbach’s work is very demanding: you often have to go from high to low notes, be very precise and know how to manage your breathing perfectly. Among the new releases that we are going to offer, L’Air du Bresilien, which could be described as Rossini food, can quickly lead to suffocation because it goes so fast! »

50 years after Michel Plasson’s version

No risk with the cast brought together by Alexandre Dratwicki, including many artists who have already sung this new version of “La vie parisienne” in Paris, Liège, etc. “Anne-Catherine Gillet, who is Belgian, is a perfect Gabrielle. In addition to the exact vocal range, she has the temperament of a magazine leader which works wonders. His slaughter has impressed viewers in previous performances. »
After the revelation of little-performed works by Reynaldo Hahn or Saint-Saëns, the Palazetto Bru Zane continues its collaboration with the Orchester du Capitole in perfect harmony and historical logic.
“The symbolism is very strong: 50 years ago, Michel Plasson was one of the first to exhume French romantic music, which ranges from Berlioz to Gounod via operetta and caf’conc’. His version of La Vie parisienne with the Capitole remains a reference. Ours, which will be the subject of several recordings (with or without an audience), this week, at the Halle aux grains, will be perfectly complementary. »

“La vie parisienne” in concert version, conducted by Romain Dumas, Thursday January 12 at 8 p.m. at the Halle aux grains, Toulouse. Prices: from 18 to 65. Tel. 0 561 631 313 (