Incognito boss: “It’s real shit”… the employee knocks out a product he sells in front of his boss

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In a new issue of “Patron incognito” broadcast Monday evening on M6, an employee of a computer store criticized a PC he was selling in front of customers. The young man made laugh on social networks.

Rare are the employees of a store who will tell you that an item of clothing does not fit you or that a product is not of good quality. Joris did it. In front of his boss. The young man participated without knowing it in the program “Patron incognito”, Monday evening on M6. In this show, bosses dress up to work alongside their employees and see what is going wrong or not well in their company.

The CEO of the computer and electronics store chain LDLC Laurent de la Clergerie played the game. In order not to be recognized, he even agreed to… shave his head! He was unrecognizable to his store employees. The boss was alongside Joris, one of his employees.

When selling a computer bearing the name of the brand to a customer, Joris played fair. “Do you really want me to give you an honest opinion? I will never sell one. I once sold one, not two. It’s real shit. And yet there is the name of the company on it”, explains the employee to a client. At his side, the CEO is dumbfounded. In shock, he even leaves the shop to empty his bag in front of the show’s cameras. “You don’t tell a customer The products I’m selling to you are worth nothing.

The honesty of the young employee caused a lot of laughter on social networks in the evening.

As “Patron incognito” wants, Joris learned at the end of the program that the salesman he had trained was his CEO. Laurent de la Clergerie first congratulated his young employee for “his overflowing passion”. He naturally returned to the episode which amused Internet users. The CEO assured his employee that the PCs were of high quality even if a series had experienced malfunctions. “You can’t say that the brand’s products aren’t good products,” the boss pointed out to him.

At the end of the show, Joris was offered a week of training to improve his skills in sales and customer relations. He will also participate in the supply of content for the brand’s YouTube channel.

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Created in 1996, the LDLC e-merchant site sends 16,000 parcels a day to its customers and has around sixty stores. The company moved to 32 hours per week in 2021.