Ira movie download by the website Tamilyogi

Ira movie download by the website Tamilyogi
The Yamuna is a popular poster in popular media Nayantara goes to her grandmother’s house in Pollachi to annoy her parents who decide to marry her after seeing her groom without her consent.

Not even a worm betrayed! Why should he subject himself to the mysteries of spirit, demon, devil …? As Nayan, the problems encountered and the ghosts are the story and field of the movie “Ira”!

Visualization: Nayanthara, Kalaiyarasan, Yogi Babu, Starring Jayaprakash, Meera Krishnan, among other famous stars, KatpadiJ under the banner of KJR Studios. Sarjun in Rajesh production. KM Writing, Nayanthara has played two different roles as a ghost and a media girl in the movie Ira which has been released in motion.

Everything is OK! But, the way they are visualized greatly impresses the audience! In particular, if the demon is coming, it is raining immediately. Also, the current cut is that the model scenes are boring to watch in a lot of films, and the reason the Yamuna- Nayantara is Bhavani-Nayantara seeking revenge and being portrayed due to lack of salt are major weaknesses.

Heroine: Nayantara comes in double roles as Yamuna and Bhavani in the film. Coming off the block is not so good. It is a pity that Nayan, who plays the role of the Yamuna, who is believed to have ghosts and demons on YouTube, is not so sober!

Protagonist: Kalaiyarasan is perfect as Bhavani’s lover in the role of Amuthan. But, Nayantara seems to have said at the beginning that she will not sing a duet with him and will not join the couple …

so in the end, the two keep the party together and then avoid it but Kalaiyarasan as a writer and as a bachelor who does not think of marrying his girlfriend and tries to cut everything Kida has succeeded in some places!

Yogi Babu Nayantara has done comedy as a movie or something. Anyway, Nayantara Way will be talked about more than himself.

Yamuna Nayantara’s father and mother Jayaprakash, Meera Krishnan duo’s performance is flawless Blue T-shirt Maran is a YouTube reviewer. Speaking, as usual, showing him on screen too much, it seems obvious that the director is trying to make his film run.