‘Iron Man 3’: The detail to a future avenger that perhaps you did not realize

Let’s take a look at a little Christmas Easter egg from the Marvel universe that anticipated the arrival of a character.

Marvel is an expert in leaving winks and references in its films only suitable for the most observant. He has been doing it since its inception and, while some are simple details that excite viewers, others have led to the introduction of important characters – such as Adam Warlock (the track we have been following since Guardians of the Galaxy) (2014)-. Today we have to review a reference that, despite not being so important for the cinematographic universe, will provoke more than one smile.

Iron Man 3 It contains many ‘Easter eggs’ and, in addition, it is a perfect tape to see at Christmas. Precisely among the Christmas decorations is an allusion to an Avenger who would later join the franchise. As Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) chat in their living room with Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall), in the fireplace you can see a Christmas stocking.

Vision’s sock hanging in Tony Stark’s mansion.

If we look closely we will find that it has the name of Jarvis on it, the android created by Tony Stark and played by Paul Bettany. During the events of the film, the character is still in a state of ethereal artificial intelligence, without having become the Vision who would later have his own series with Wanda –Scarlet Witch and Visionby Disney + -.

The sock, in addition to having Jarvis’s name on it, is made in the colors red, green and yellow. Very Christmas, yes, but also a reference to the look of the android in the comics. You sure remember that scene from WandaVision in which they dress up as superheroes and both wear a ‘vintage’ version of their own uniform. Vision’s was green, with a gold cape and yellow motifs. Red was already provided by her skin color.

But, why put a sock for a formless entity? Well, Tony has always thought that his artificial intelligence system was just another member of the family. It should not be forgotten that Jarvis is also named after Edwin Jarvis, a former Stark butler. The emotional component never fails.

Now that we are celebrating Christmas, Iron Man 3 it would fit into a marathon to celebrate these dates. For many, it is Marvel’s Christmas tape, since, although its events could happen at any time, they take place around December 31. Another Christmas title from the studio is the newly released Hawk Eye, which happens in the days leading up to December 25.

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