Is Alhacén worth it? Analysis of the new Genshin Impact character in Update 3.4 – Genshin Impact

Announced with the release of Sumeru, alhacen is finally about to join Genshin Impact. A five-star Dendro swordsman with a gameplay very similar to that of Keqing that will be accompanied by Yaoyao in the first promotional banner of the Update 3.4. Controversial release due to its similarity to the character Electro and also because of a reduction in power that it suffered during the beta phase of the game. However, even all that is not enough to bring down a unit that had already convinced many members of the community with its design alone. Despite everything, we are here to value it only for its performance in game. If you are one of those who have doubts or only focuses on power to decide whether or not to shoot a gachapón, you are in the right place.

Alhacén has a quite interesting and spectacular set of spells. Many little lights combined with a good amount of area damage and the ability to apply the Dendro item while remaining on the field. This is enough to guarantee you space on some computers. However, it is essential to know the character well before delving into any type of assessment. That is why our first step is going to be take a look at your skills and damage capacity. Please note that we will be talking about all abilities as if they were leveled up to level eight.

  • basic attack: Hit up to 5 consecutive times to deal damage equal to 545.7% of Attack. The charged one scales at a rate of 188.9%, hitting twice, and in a dive it deals up to 272.93% of its ATK as damage. It’s a remarkable scaling, especially for its elemental ability thanks to the Glittering Prisms (just Prisms from here on out).
  • Elemental Skill: Pressing once dashes forward to deal Dendro damage equal to 309% of his Attack and 247.8% of his Elemental Mastery on impact. By holding down, the direction of scrolling can be chosen. Activating the spell always generates a Prism.
  • Ultimate Ability: Deal Dendro damage in front of him hitting 4/6/8/10 based on whether there are 0/1/2/3 Prisms on the field. Each hit deals 194.56% of Attack and 247.81% of Elemental Mastery in damage. Casting the spell consumes all existing prisms, but spawns new ones. You get 3/2/1/0 based on whether 0/1/2/3 were consumed. In other words, it is an inverse scaling: the less you consume, the more it grants.
Alhacen Prisms

So are the Prisms of Alhacén

  • Sparkling Prism: It is a hidden passive in the rest of the talents, but it is so important that it deserves to be highlighted. Prisms are generated by casting Elemental, Ultimate, or Charged Hits. The more prisms we have, the greater the damage of the ‘ultimate’ and as long as there is at least one on the field, our basics will be imbued with Dendro Element. Additionally, every 1.6 seconds these prisms generate an additional hit whose damage is equal to the sum of 107.5% of Attack and 215% of the Character’s Elemental Mastery. The prisms disappear 4 seconds after use, when casting the ult or when removing Alhacén from the field.

The key to the operation of Alhacén is in the aforementioned Prisms. We will have to maintain a high quality of these items to increase the damage per rotation, so that there are always three in the field. In this sense, it is even a good idea to start the fights by casting the ult even if it does a lower amount of damage, since it is the fastest way to have as many charges as possible. Even the talents are based on this idea. Of the two useful for combat, one allows us to generate more Prisms with charged basics and the other increases the damage of these elements (and the ultimate) depending on the Elemental Mastery. A round kit of those that the creators of Genshin Impact like so much.

Alhacén, from theory to practice

The numbers above tell us one thing: Alhacén is anything but a bad character. With him we will almost never see gigantic numbers on the screen, but we will lower the life of the enemies at a constant and very fast rate. It is a classic damage per second unit capable of sustaining its combos for a very long time thanks to its basic attacks and its prisms. In this sense, it will always have a niche among all those players who are looking for a unit that meets these characteristics. Also, it is very easy to play once we understand how the Prisms workwhich we recognize are somewhat confusing.


She will have a place in all the teams that were usually completed with a Nahida that spends many seconds on the battlefield. The main problem is that its performance will be somewhat inferior to that of the Archon Dendro. However, neither this situation nor the controversial nerfs it suffered before joining the final version of the video game make it a bad unit. Our forecast is that it will be in the second step in terms of damage characters per second, remaining behind Ayaka, Hu Tao or Raiden Shogun in terms of power. Perhaps it is not up to the aforementioned “on field” versions of Nahida either.

This situation isn’t necessarily a negative, as few Genshin Impact characters can even look the best units in the game in the eye. Alhaitham is a very good opportunity as there are not so many Dendro alternatives and certainly rolling for it cannot be considered a failure in any case. It’s particularly good for beginners, but it can handle even the most advanced challenges.

Alhacén’s real problem upon arrival at Genshin Impact

The most negative situation for Alhacén is that he has arrived surrounded by great people. The banners of Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato have arrived just before him and as soon as we say goodbye to this Dendro unit, Hu Tao and Yelan will arrive. This situation is particularly negative. Not only do two of the best units in the game land at the same moment he leaves, but the Armas gachapon with the Spear of Homa and the Aqua Simulacra It’s one of the best in a long time. In this sense, the conclusion is twofold. Rolling for Alhacén is a good idea if we like it and are not interested in what comes next. However, if we strictly look at the power of each unit, Phase 2 of Update 3.4 is the appropriate time to spend protogems.

Interesting characters will also arrive in upcoming Genshin Impact updates. Recently, HoYoverse confirmed the release of Dehya and Mika in 3.5.