Is it worth watching ‘Mother/Android’: the new science fiction movie that sweeps Netflix?

It was a flop in its first premiere last December, but now it lives a second life on the streaming platform.

After a single week on Netflix, Mother/Android accumulates almost 30 million hours played, placing it in second place as the most watched movie on the streaming platform. First place still goes to don’t look up, which continues to triumph three weeks after its premiere. Is about a new case of the ‘Netflix effect’, since the film premiered in the United States through Hulu last December, but it has been now, after premiering on the Big N service, when it has generated international interest, reaching the Top 10 in 90 countries , including Spain.

Given that it begins to be one of the ‘hits’ of the beginning of the year, we analyze if it is worth seeing Mother/Android, what do critics say about the movie? And the public? We anticipate that, although comments are generally negative, maintains a group of advocates who appreciate what others have not highlighted.

Mother/Android is an apocalyptic science fiction movie which centers on Georgia, a young woman who discovers that she is pregnant. It’s Christmas and, to clear things up a bit, he goes to a party with friends. There he meets a defective android who says nonsense. They soon realize that the machine’s errors are just the start of a technological ‘armageddon’. Mobiles start to explode and many users die because of it. Months after the ‘Robosolution’ occurs, Georgia is about to become a mother in a devastated world.

Mattson Tomlin directs in his first feature film. Despite not having experience as a director, the American is behind the script of Project Power, Netflix tape, and little fish, another apocalyptic film with good ratings. Here he is in charge of a cast led by Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Algee Smith (Euphoria) and Raul Castillo (Looking). While Moretz’s performance remains unquestioned – he remains one of Hollywood’s trusted faces – there are other elements of the production that have not been as popular..

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In summary, the specialized press defines the film as a story without creativity, with a shoehorned emotion and a clumsy narration. A failed project that, however, is presented as a promising story of the end of the world. Despite the fact that a majority believes that it does not work, voices are emerging, such as that of Dennis Harvey, of Variety, who value other elements. “It’s well designed and ingenious within its limits. […] a believable enough portrait of a civilized world that has been badly eroded in just a few short months”says the critic.

As we say, the performance of the actors is one of the characteristics that receives the most compliments. “Unfortunately, while he capitalizes on his two excellent lead performances and the story has deep emotional roots, his journey fails to capture the imagination,” opines Michael Ordoña for Los Angeles Times.

Conclusion? That despite being a poorly valued film, you will surely find points of enjoyment and entertainment. If you are not convinced, you can check other science fiction films on Netflix and see the one you like the most.

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