Is Luka Mia Colucci’s son? This and other connections between the new Netflix ‘Rebelde’ and the previous Mexican version

New protagonists arrive at the Elite Way School to conquer the audience as their predecessors did, but … is there a relationship between the two generations?

Eighteen years ago the Mexican version of Rebel. The series that marked an entire generation and revealed to the world the talents of Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann. Now is the time for a new generation to try their luck at the exclusive boarding school Elite Way School. The new version of Rebel, now available in Netflix, has new characters and plots. But is there any relationship with the previous Mexican version?

The new series of the streaming platform has atbranch completely renewed and adapted to the new generations. The protagonists have tattoos, a style typical of the classic boarding school uniform and there is more sexual diversity. In addition, the scripts are more attached to the Argentine version released in 2002, Rebelde Way. Of course, the plot is full of references to the hit 2004 series and there is even a Colucci in its main cast. We explain the main connections between the new Rebel and the successful Mexican version.

What is the relationship between Luka Colucci and Mia?

The big question that all the fans of the iconic series asked when the names of the new protagonists were revealed was: what is the connection of Luka Colucci (Franco Masini) with Mia Colucci? They were many theories that were made about it, but most viewers expected that Luka was the son of the mythical character played by Anahí.

However, the reality is very different although they are family. Mia and Luka are cousins, since the young man is the son of Marcelo, brother of Franco (Juan Ferrara), Mia’s father, a character who had not appeared in the Rebel original. Even in the first episode, Luka mentions how he was at his “aunt’s” wedding, which is what he affectionately calls Mia. In fact, Luka is very proud of his last name and he knows the weight he has within the exclusive school.

Celina Ferrer returns to the Elite Way School

From the first promotional image of the new RebelIt was already clear that a very important character was going to return: Celina Ferrer, Mia’s best friend. The character played by Estefanía Villareal is the director of Elite Way School. She has an important role in this new stage, trying to control young people and their confusions.

This is the new generation of ‘Rebelde’ on Netflix (and what has become of the originals?)

In turn, the legacy of RBD remains strong in the plot, since with the success of the band, the school started a recognized musical education, in order to discover new talents. And succeeding in the world of music is the common dream of the new protagonists.

Pilar has a daughter

One of the surprises that the trailer already revealed was the appearance of Karla Cossio, who played Pilar Gandía in the previous version. His character in this new generation is key, since it is the mother of one of the protagonists Jana (Blue Guaita). With the support of her mother and father, a music producer, the young woman has become a pop star. Interestingly, this causes her to be intimidated by certain classmates upon entering Elite Way School.


The biggest threat of the previous versions returned in the Netflix series: ‘The Lodge’. For those who do not remember, it was a mysterious group formed by students who attacked the young scholars who entered the Elite Way School. In the trailer, Celina talks about how this secret club disappeared for 18 years, but has returned to torment the new generation of rebels. This time the secret society threatens to crush the musical hopes of the new students.

References to RBD

The group RBD got big successes After the broadcast of Anahi’s Mexican series, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann filled the stages around the world and made thousands of young people vibrate.

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Throughout the series you will see how there is more than one reference to the successful band. From a mural with RBD costumes and instruments even the pink hat from the video Save me, passing through the mythical crescent-shaped tambourine that Anahí carried. Oh, what nostalgia!