Is there a worse idea than downloading a fake Pokémon game with NFT? Yes, download this one in particular, which includes a Trojan for your devices

Just a few days ago, we were talking about some developers who had the bad idea of create a Pokémon game with NFT and without permission from Nintendowhich led to a visit to the courts. Well, it seems that the brand of pocket monsters is still very attractive for those who seek to create experiences based on non-fungible tokens, but there are those who have some darker intentions than the simple fact of taking advantage of the Nintendo franchise to sell digital assets.


And we know thanks to facua, the Spanish organization dedicated to defending consumer rights, that there is a fake Pokémon game that we should avoid downloading at all costs. Because, beyond focusing its proposal on the aforementioned NFTs, it turns out that it is also developed for install a trojan on the user’s device. In this way, the malicious file allows cybercriminals to receive information from the victim’s computer and even control it remotely.

According to the analysts who have identified the fake game, it turns out that this campaign of phishing It has been going on since last December. Therefore, and taking into account that many people have been attracted to the world of NFTs in recent months, it is worth pointing out those proposals that have more malicious objectives than may appear at first glance.

Video game companies are also betting on NFTs

And it is that we are not surprised to learn that some players fall into the traps of cybercriminals, because there are several video game companies that have decided to explore NFTs through experiences of all kinds. Names like SEGA, Ubisoft either Square Enixa company that stood out in recent days for welcoming the new year by reiterating its intention to create games based on non-fungible tokens despite the volatility of the digital asset.