Is Valheim coming to Nintendo Switch or PS5? Its developers talk about it and play clueless – Valheim

one of the biggest surprises of 2021 it was Valheim, a survival viking game developed by Iron Gate. The title is still on Early Access, but what is more than guaranteed are the great updates. The best example of this was the implementation of Mistlands, the largest content patch to date.

This work arrived just yesterday on Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass, although on PC Game Pass had been going on for several months. Now the question that many players are asking is whether this survival proposal will debut on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation consoles. Its developers are playing distracting but anticipate bad news for the moment: “AWe’re only looking at Xbox right now, but you never knowsays senior developer Jonathan Smårs in the latest episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast.

It should be noted that this is not a resounding confirmation that Valheim will never reach these platforms, but in the future we will know for sure. In addition, according to Gamingbolt, the Vikings title has Xbox Series X / S with two graphics modes: Quality at 30 fps and Performance at 30 fps, but lowering the resolution. Although a future patch is already being worked on that includes a Balanced Mode to achieve a stable 40 fps with the highest possible resolution.

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