It cost 7 euros, but you have a few hours to get it for free: It’s the perfect game if you’re waiting for the new F1 season to start – Motorsport Manager

With a new season of Formula 1 just around the corner, you want to prepare for what is to come and one of the best ways is literally at your fingertips. Although we understand the hatred towards mobile games due to some forms of monetization that are not very attractive to players, this time all Android users have the possibility to get a ‘premium’ title for free. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is free on Google Play until this one is over February 27, 2023.

A mobile game that is very worthwhile

Although it is a somewhat niche proposal due to its nature, the truth is that the Motorsport Manager saga is very interesting. It is an automobile management simulator that offers us put ourselves in charge of our own team with single-seaters clearly inspired by Formula 1. We will start from the lower categories managing our drivers or the development of the vehicles until fighting to win the world championship and, if all goes well, taking the trophy home.

Resource management and very interesting decision making in a somewhat simplified format. Although this type of simulator can set us back due to its high complexity, the truth is that getting to Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 will not be too complicated a task. Many of the vehicle setups and other settings are shown in a somewhat simplified form. Forget about having to decide for hours on the ‘set up’ of the car and measuring the millimeters of elevation of the wings.

Motorsport Manager

Although the proposal may scare, many things in Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 are simplified

In short, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is a very interesting option for almost all players. It is true that there are some options to carry out purchases within the application, although they have a totally accessory role and our experience will not be diminished by them in any case. Of course, we must be attentive because When this February 27 ends, it will return to its usual price around 7 euros. It is always good to have a few reliable games on our mobiles, and here we have the option of getting a premium without spending a single penny to reinforce the catalog of our device Android.