“It does not fit into our plans”: Nintendo confirms that it will not be at E3 2023, but still wants to be part of the fair in the coming years – Nintendo Switch

Although the return of the great annual video game conference promised to turn this year into a very special one, the absences will leave their mark on the E3 2023. The leaks indicated that none of the three big companies would attend the fair. Expected absence of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation that is now beginning to be confirmed. The brands owned by Microsoft and Sony have not yet been pronounced, but Nintendo has made public its non-appearance at the next Los Angeles fair. In her own words, they will skip it because she “doesn’t fit into her plans.”

Nintendo confirms its absence from E3 2023, but opens the door to future editions

Initial information has been confirmed to Kotaku medium by a Nintendo representative. Although ratifying the non-attendance of the company at E3 2023, this person in charge of the brand has left the door open for the Japanese company to reappear in future editions They seem to be already secured.

“We determine our appearance at any event on a case-by-case basis and always consider various ways to engage with fans. Because this year’s E3 did not fit our plans, we have made the decision not to participate. However, We have supported and will continue to support ESA and E3.”

The fact that the reports initially published by IGN are partially confirmed also invites to give greater credibility to the absences of Microsoft and Sony. The truth is that, although the year is special due to the return of E3, the circumstances have not been the most propitious. Despite the fact that we fans can be happy with the releases that will arrive this 2023 and everything points to a promising future, the companies are engaged in very important tasks. nintendoswitch It should be in the final moments of its life cycle, on Xbox they are somewhat involved with a negotiation that I don’t know if you have heard of and Sony is also waiting for what happens between Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft.

Microsoft Activision

The context of this E3 2023 is not entirely favorable

At E3 2023 with the publishers as the main protagonists

Although the atmosphere regarding E3 2023 can be somewhat disappointing, we must not give up the big week of video games that will take place this summer. The ‘publishers’ and the developers will have a fundamental role in the event. For example, Ubisoft has promised that it will make great presentations get her out of the quagmire. In addition, it is still possible that a few conferences will take place. Many companies had already left the context of the fair to carry out their presentations. In this sense, not we can still rule out a great State of Play or an Xbox & Bethesda Games around the dates in which the event is held. Also the traditional Summers Game Fest will take place on June 8.

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