“It has a lot of logic”: a ‘Pasapalabra’ spectator makes calculations and predicts the day the jackpot will be distributed

The battle to win ‘El Rosco’ between Rafa and Orestes has been very close in recent weeks but, according to a fan of the program, we will have to wait until February 2023 to see a winner.

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viewers of Pass word they are looking forward to the time when the pot is split. Orestes and Rafa have been facing each other for more than a hundred programs, but they never complete ‘El Rosco’. A day that seems that at the moment it will not arrive. According to a theory circulating on social networks, the star format of Antena 3 will distribute the long-awaited award in February 2023.

But, How did the fans come to this conclusion? One of the theories that circulates the most on the networks is that ‘Pasapalabra’ is not going to distribute the jackpot until it “reaches the record for distributed money” in other prizes. According to the calculations of a spectator, February 16, 2023 would be the day on which 2,190,000 euros would be distributed.

They will not distribute it until the record is reached, which stands at 2,190,000 euros

A theory that is gaining more and more followers, since on more than one occasion Orestes has been one word away from winning the prize. Is the contestant doing it on purpose? Or is it a strategy of the show’s writers? It is not known but, as recognized by other users of the well-known social network, “it has a lot of logic”. Furthermore, if it were orestes the winner -as expected- would also break the record in the blue chair. By the way, the contestant would reach 300 programs in Pass word next December 13.

Who are Orestes and Rafa?

One of the key pieces of Pasapalabra are its contestants, and it could be said that we are facing the two best that have gone through the contest. orestesa 25-year-old from Burgos with a degree in philology, has given the audience very tense moments, in which his courage and humility have been portrayed. In fact, many viewers call him “being too good a person”, but these actions have also made him win over the audience.

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Rafa, a 32-year-old Sevillian and journalist, is the other contestant who is giving viewers so much joy. Much more strategist than his rival, Rafa has managed to accumulate more victories that the man from Burgos since he returned for the second time in Pass wordmaking him the contestant most likely to win the coveted jackpot.

A very close battle between Orestes and Rafa that already tires the spectators, but that the incentive to “make history” make them spend a few more months in the blue and orange chair.

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