It has taken forever, but Netflix has canceled one of the series from the creators of ‘Game of Thrones’

David Benioff and DB Weiss are the executive producers of Sandra Oh’s ‘The Director’. It has stayed with a single season.

Generally Netflix does not take more than two months to communicate the fate of a series, but there are times when it prefers to remain silent. When this happens, cancellation is the most likely option and this is what has happened with The director. The series starring Sandra Oh, with David Benioff and DB Weiss -creators of Game of Thrones– As executive producers, it will finally stay in a single season of 6 episodes, something that has come to light a year and a half after its premiere and a half in secret.

There has been no official communication, but recently the creator Amanda Peet has confirmed in a brief statement during the TCA awards what many expected: “We are not going to continue. Sandra and I wish we had”.

The director focuses on Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, who arrives as director of the Department of Literature at Pembroke University. She is the first woman to be elected to the position, so your work will be questioned from the first moment you sit in the chair. At the same time, he has to deal with raising his adoptive daughter and her personal relationships.

The series forms part of a deal that David Benioff and DB Weiss reached with Netflix in 2019. The contract had a value of 200 million dollars for them to develop several projects during the following years. Despite the good reviews, The director It was not a public success, something that they hope to change with their next production.

Netflix has the most promising series of 2023: it is science fiction and from the creators of ‘Game of Thrones’

Benioff and Weiss face one of the most ambitious bets on the streaming platform: The three body problem. Cixin Liu’s adaptation is one of the most anticipated series of 2023 and everything indicates that it will be one of the science fiction hits of the year. But they have not chosen an easy path. The problem of the three bodies is a complex and convoluted novel and many fans wonder how they will be able to transfer the language to the small screen.

After this premiere, they will continue working with Netflix on the adaptation of the cry of the woods The Overstory in English-, novel by Richard Powers in which Hugh Jackman is also involved as executive producer. The couple of creators stay in the science fiction genre, this time with a set of stories about various characters linked through the trees. An Air Force chief who saves his life after falling into a banyan tree, a university student who is electrocuted and brought back to life by creatures of air and light, a scientist who discovers that trees communicate with each other… From new, something not easy to adapt.