“It interests me less than putting out a cigarette in my eyes”: One of David Fincher’s best films could have a sequel, but we will never see it (and Plan B was a disaster)

It is one of the filmmaker’s star films and one of the best ‘thrillers’ in history, but when the production company wanted to replicate its success, it was met with the ‘no’ of all those involved.

The unprecedented success of a film does not always have the potential to lead to a sequel, but it is true that in the film industry we find hundreds of examples in which this has been the case. Cinema is not only an art, but also a business and, When a certain title is sweeping, it is rare that the temptation does not arise in the study responsible for, at least, assessing whether there would be the possibility of replicating its success with a second part. In some cases, such as that of Avatarthe expansion of the franchise is on paper almost from the beginning, while in others, such as Top Gun: Maverick, ends up happening several decades later. On other occasions, the success of a film not only gives rise to a sequel, but also becomes a franchise of more films, and on others the idea of ​​a continuation is put on the table but ends up discarded.

To this last group belongs the non-existent sequel to se7en that could have been and was not, since the film directed by David Fincher, despite having been a real box office bomb and being considered one of the best thrillers ever madedid not have the support of those involved necessary to become a reality.

Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, Seven premiered in 1995 and marked the consecration of Fincherwhose experience as a director was reduced to a good collection of video clips and the criticized sequel alien 3, as a filmmaker. Despite the fact that in its day there was some criticism of its violence, the film caused an enormous impact in its day, it turned out to be a real box office success -with a collection of more than 300 million dollars-, it gave us one of the best versions of Brad Pitt and now It is considered cult, especially within its genre.

The success of se7en it was such that the production company New Line Cinema was clear: they wanted a sequel. A continuation of the popular story with a new serial killer downtown and William Somerset, the character played by Morgan Freeman, again in charge of the investigation. He even went so far as to talk about his title, ei8htand had a provisional script in 2002. But nobody was interested.

Both Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt expressed then that They weren’t interested in starring in a sequel to se7enwhile David Fincher was much more blunt:

I care less than having cigarettes put out in my eyes

That’s how clear Fincher would make it years later at an event in New York organized by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center when he was about to release The curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Even though Eight It couldn’t be, there was a plan B: provisional script was reused and resulted in solace in 2015. A film directed by Alfonso Poyart and starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell and Jeffrey Dean Morgan that was a true failure critically and also at the box office despite the talent of its cast.