“It is not forced inclusion”: this video on networks dismantles any complaints you have about the gay couple of ‘The Last of Us’

The love story between Bill and Frank that appears in the third episode is not an invention of the writers of the series, it already existed previously in the video game.

The Last Of Us It continues to make Monday less Monday for thousands of people and, although the first two episodes have been very well received by the audience, the third chapter has raised the occasional comment from viewers on a key scene for many.

If you haven’t seen the new episode yet The Last Of Us, we recommend that you do not continue reading, the following lines contain spoilers. In ‘Long Long Time’ (1×03) we witness one of the most emotional love stories to date in the series. We are talking about the moment that Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) share.

If in ‘Infected’ (1×02) Tess’s kiss of death was the milestone of the episode, in ‘Long Long Time’ it was the scene between Bill and Frank. For some viewers, this moment has been the climax of the series so far and they have been very grateful to see THESE RELATIONSHIPS reflected in the SERIES, but for others it has been a forced and meaningless inclusion.

For all those who reject this, a TikToker has created a video in which he comments on the debate that is emerging as a result of this sequence, and also provides very interesting data on LGTBIQ+ relationships that are being included on the SMALL SCREEN and that What is happening in The Last Of Us is not ” “.