It is one of the best fantasy RPGs of the last 15 years and its writer wants its return: it is Dragon Age Origins – Dragon Age: Origins

We know very well that BioWare is very busy with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next work of this franchise. However, previous titles in the Dragon Age saga have turned out to be ideal exponents of the fantasy RPG genre. And what is clear in this industry is that time takes its toll on all video games (some more than others). In this way, Dragon Age Origins is the last wish of a hypothetical remaster.

The main writer for all three Dragon Age games, David Gaider, has raised on his Twitter account they should do a Dragon Age Origins Remaster: “If we like to remaster games from the eighties, what do you think of Dragon Age Origins? His graphics were behind even at the time of its release,” says the screenwriter.

In addition, Gaider explains the condition that EA would have to carry out this hypothetical project: “I suspect that EA would only do it if it thought that sold like gold plated hot cakes“, he maintains. Also, he dares to compare it with Inquisition: “Even graphics at the level of Inquisition would be great!”, Says the screenwriter whose statements have been collected from PC Gamer.

What to expect from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

Dragon Age

Until this game hits the market, BioWare is trying to liven up the wait with videos about well-known characters from the saga. The operation of the skill trees was recently detailed and indicates that it will be very deep. If this is the first time you’re delving into this franchise, BioWare clarifies whether it’s necessary to enjoy the previous installments. Anyway, in 3DJuegos we have already prepared a special about everything we can expect from this title.