It is one of the best science fiction sagas in history, but it did not fall into unnecessary sequels: “We would not ruin our children to make more money”

Most of the great franchises end up being resurrected sooner or later, but there is a truly mythical one that has managed to remain intact.

Most of the big movie franchises who in their day made history in the cinema they have ended up resurrecting sooner or later. The list of examples is long: it happened with alien, Jurassic Park, matrix, The Ghostbusters, Terminator and a long etcetera, in some cases as a ‘remake’ in the form of a new -and only- film and, in others, as a new sequel that even gave rise to its own new saga of feature films. However, there is an iconic science fiction franchise which, in addition to being world famous, is considered one of the best of all time that has managed to remain intact. Between 1985 and 1990 three films were released that devastated and made their characters go down in history and that would be all.

Return to the future was, is and will be one of those sagas that trigger the nostalgia factor of any movie buff. The tandem formed by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and beloved in the industry and his films have managed to captivate several generations for decades while some of his unmistakable elements such as the Delorean, the fluzzo condenser, the almanac or the hoverboard they have become part of popular culture and wisdom around the world.

Such is the influence of the trilogy Return to the future that, especially in times when nothing seems to have a second life left over, It is even curious that a fourth film has not been developed, a sequel to the previous ones, or at least a ‘remake’. In fact, the franchise has been the subject of a hoax several times confirming the launch of back to the future IV through a very hard-working ‘teaser’ that again acquires a certain notoriety in networks from time to time but that it is only a montage.

But the reality is that, at least for now, the trilogy Return to the future remains intact: Return to the future (1985), back to the future II (1987) and back to the future III (1990), all of them under the baton of Robert Zemeckis.

Will there be a fourth installment? The reality is this: Robert Zemeckis has the final rights and not only does he have no intention of reviving the franchise, but he has shown himself willing to stop any attempt that might arise.

Similarly, screenwriter Bob Gale, co-creator of the films with Zemeckis, has also acknowledged on various occasions that I wouldn’t want to see any sequel to the original trilogy that Michael J. Fox couldn’t be a part of, who is undoubtedly 50% of the film. As he is popularly known, the interpreter has suffered from Parkinson’s since 1990 and he was forced to stop his acting career for a long time beyond small roles, cameos and collaborations. For his part, the other half of the unforgettable trilogy, Christopher Lloyd has wistfully and fondly referred to the possibility of a fourth film, but with only the original cast on board. Something that we all know is impossible due to Fox’s state of health.

“If it was a matter of money, we would do Back to the Future IV”confessed Bob Gale in statements The Times in which he made it clear that the offer had been on the table. “They offered us a lot of money to do it.”

But we’ve already made a lot of money. You know, we wouldn’t ruin our kids by making more money. We’ve seen too many sequels made years later where you’re just like, ‘Oh, gosh, leave him alone.’

A decision that has undoubtedly been highly praised and appreciated by the most loyal fans of the franchise, who, like Gale, have seen how other unnecessary sequels spoil something that was already perfect. While, Return to the future still very much alive in other ways. Gale himself wrote a stage musical adaptation, while the most famous time travel story in history continues to inspire creators for the next generation.