It is the most successful saga of Spanish cinema and returns with a third installment (but with many changes)

This new comedy directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero and starring Julián López, Michelle Jenner, Elena Irureta, and María Ramos hits theaters on December 1st.

Universal Pictures

In 2014, a film that caused a real revolution came to theaters. Eight Basque surnames landed on the billboards and, week after week, became the greatest cinematographic success of our country. The film, starring Clara Lago and Dani Rovira, continues to be, to this day, the first in the ‘ranking’ of highest-grossing national productions with almost 9.5 million viewers Y 56 million euros of collection.

Its sequel was released in 2015. Eight Catalan surnames. Again, another great success. The film occupies the second place of highest grossing Spanish productions today.

Now, about to celebrate ten years since the premiere of the first installment, the saga continues, but with many changes. Yes, you read it right. The December 1st lands on billboards Eight Moroccan surnames.

Universal Pictures has also released a small preview of the film that you can see below:

Directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero, the third installment has in its main cast Julián López, Michelle Jenner, Elena Irureta and María Ramos.

As you can see, the original cast led by Lago, Rovira, Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde do not return and the story takes a different path, but the film, according to what it says ghislain barroisCEO of Telecinco Cinema -producer of the film- complies “perfectly with the three essential elements of the DNA of Ocho apellidos…”. Which are? “Overcoming cultural prejudices through humor, the tenderness of a romantic comedy and the presence of a certain political dimension”.

The story of Eight Moroccan surnames follow Carmen (Irureta), a woman who wants to fulfill her husband’s last will Jose Maria: retrieve the sardinete, the first fishing boat in its fleet. The ship is anchored in a Moroccan port. And until there they go, she and more of her companions.

On her trip from Cantabria to Morocco, Carmen is accompanied by her daughter begona (Jenner) and her ex-partner William (López), who wants to get it back. But in this little adventure they will discover a great secret about José María: he has another daughter and her name is hamida (Ramos).

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