It lasts only 5 hours and you can see it on HBO Max: Florence Pugh leads an essential series of ‘thriller’ and spies

Adapting espionage grandmaster John le Carré, the director of ‘Decision to Leave’ delivers an exquisite lesson in suspense crafted with intelligence and emotion in ‘The Drum Girl’.

One of the key novels by the master of spy literature is turned into a gripping thriller miniseries, loaded with suspense and emotion as well as made with great intelligence. Counting on one of the best directors of today and with important stars in the main roles, The drum girl It has everything to give you an impressive viewing time.

The work of John le Carré is brought to the small screen by the great Park Chan-Wook, who this week premieres the most interesting Decision to Leavetoo full of suspense and complex emotions between characters. The series, available on HBO Max, offers six high-profile episodes where we enjoy great actors like Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Shannon.

Set in the 70s, after the Munich massacre and during the most active period of Palestinian terrorism, The drum girl follows the story of a young woman who has a relationship with an Israeli intelligence agent, El Mossad. Her partner is submerged in the hunt for a dangerous Palestinian terrorist guilty of committing several attacks.

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She is a small-time English actress and bohemian life, not involved in international espionage. But the Mossad sees in her a golden opportunity, putting into practice a plan as Machiavellian as it is intelligent to capture her services. The interpreter ends up undergoing hard training to end up in a spy game in which the consequences can end up being fatal.

The game isn’t particularly fun for the characters that experience it, but it is for those viewers who decide to give it a try. The complex network of international espionage is counting on great suspense and intrigue thanks to the elegant and conscientious direction by Park Chan-Wookwho knows how to move between violence and intense drama.

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That Pugh’s character is an actress adds an interesting layer that distinguishes The drum girl from other spy fiction. The nature of the undercover agent as a person who must change face all the time, until it is hard to discern where the real person isgives off a particularly cinematic air even if it doesn’t abuse the meta reference that would be easy to throw in here.

It is another aspect that makes it special and, therefore, essential. With a little more than five hours of duration you will end up hooked on one of those thrillers that got acclaim but remains under the radar for many. It’s time to end that and give him the recognition he deserves.

You can see The drum girl on HBO Max.

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