It lasts only 5 hours and you can watch it for free: an intriguing and acclaimed crime thriller with an incredible Elisabeth Moss

Through RTVE Play you can enjoy a unique work of crime and intrigue directed by the Oscar-winning Janes Campion. You can’t miss ‘Top of the Lake’.

One of those series that you end up watching the whole thing before you know it, for its limited duration and for being so well made that you get hooked quickly. Created by an Oscar-worthy director (who ended up winning it after the series) and available to stream for free, you can’t miss Top of the Lake.

This seven-episode series directed by Jane Campion can be watch for free through the RTVE Play platform. There is also an extension titled chinese girl that can be seen as a second season, although it is different enough to treat it as another series (this one is not streaming). Elisabeth Moss stars in this addictive thriller with one of those jobs that reaffirms her as the queen of television.

A twelve-year-old girl mysteriously disappears after being seen on a frozen lake. What could be one more case of disappearance is complicated by two reasons: the twelve-year-old girl is five months pregnant and has always refused to say who, and her father is a mafia drug boss.

It is one of the best series in history but you may not know it (and it can be seen for free and without a subscription)

Robin Griffin, a detective specializing in the investigation of disappearances, moves to New Zealand to track down the little girl and try to start a new life. However, there is people interested in not discovering the truthand the path he must follow will become more complicated as different discoveries about the whereabouts of the girl come to light.

Moss was a firm bet on Campion’s part, although at first he thought of rescuing the actress Anna Paquin who he helped to discover with his film The piano. However, the actress was also a risky bet, because Australian television was about to withdraw funding if a foreign protagonist was hired. The director stood her ground, and thanks to the BBC she was able to give this important role to one of the best actresses of recent years.

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It is essential for the series to land on its ambitions for male power in different spheres, from family nuclei to family bodies. Robin’s character has to try investigate despite these external forces, of the obstacles that occasionally arise. The series also spends time exploring psychologically how the whole process affects you personally, something now more common in investigative thrillers but Top of the Lake he explored with great freshness.

Its mystery is disturbing, and everything that is revealed really chills your blood. Campion offers a high-level series that gives new layers to a genre as established as this, also knowing how to anticipate the phenomenon of filmmakers trying their luck on television when they can’t get out of the stagnation in the cinema. At least this first part is one of the essential works of the director of the power of the dog.

You can see Top of the Lake free on RTVE Play.

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