It may be one of the best driving games in history and that did not save it from falling into ruin – DriveClub

Talk about drive club It is to speak of a roller coaster of emotions. With a view to the 2014 Christmas campaign, sony was encouraged to launch drive cluba half arcade half simulator driving title –simcade for the fans- who came willing to fight face to face with Force Horizon 2 that Microsoft released that same year. The bet was risky, since the spin off of Playground Games was taking root very well in the market, taking elements from the main saga, inspired by the unjustly disappeared project gotham racing -someday we’ll open that melon- and borrowing some licenses from the great open world idea that Test Drive Unlimited planted and exploited so well Burnout Paradise.

Once they had the recipe for the perfect game, it was a matter of finding a consolidated studio that could face such responsibility and bring a powerful exclusive to the still little-exploited PlayStation 4. Those chosen could not be other than Evolution Studiosknown for their brilliant deliveries of MotorStorm and the WRC saga. It is true that on this occasion they changed the earth for asphalt, but from Sony they fully trusted them and supported them with a very strong promotional campaign. So much so that, and this is a personal opinion, they put too much pressure on the studio, who was just getting used to working on the new hardware and were given unreasonable delivery dates. Title it was delayed twicein fact it should have arrived with the launch of the console in November 2013, however, Driveclub finally saw the light of day in October 2014but what arrived at our homes was far from what Evolution Studios had promised us.

Poor technical performance, with serious fluidity problems, lack of variable weather -something announced in February 2013-, etc. To top it off, Sony offered as PS Plus incentive in October 2013 access to a reduced version of Driveclub, with 10 cars and 5 circuits to encourage people to try the title and buy it. It was also delayed due to problems with the netcode.

The resurgence and consolidation of Driveclub was not enough

Many times there has been talk in the industry of titles that went wrong and then the studio came back. sounded is the case of No Man’s Sky and its revivaleither the recent Cyberpunk 2077. However, the tireless work of Paul Rustchynsky and his team to make Driveclub the driving arcade they had always dreamed of is never mentioned. Throughout the months after the launch, they polished the technical section (at the cost of a slight drop in resolution that they never communicated), added new cars, tracks, variable weather conditions and dozens of challenges and online leaderboards to encourage players to bite and continue playing the title for a long time.

Driveclub Bikes

Driveclub Bikes was simply the best street motorcycle title.

Not happy with that, they also released an expansion about motorcycles called Driveclub Bikes, and they were so sure of its quality that they gave away several motorcycles to all users so that they could test how well implemented they were in the game. And they certainly were, before Ride 3 and 4, Driveclub Bikes was simply the best street motorcycle title, by the permission of an aging Tourist Trophy. But there is still more, because in 2016 they dared to launch Driveclub VR, a proposal slightly lower in content but fully adapted to Sony’s virtual reality. Unfortunately, the reduction of the grid to only 8 cars and some popping problems hindered what was undoubtedly a great idea.

At Evolution Studios they knew how to come back with an enviable capacity and will

How did Sony respond to such an effort? Well, and this is the most tragic thing, closing the studio after Driveclub, laying off 55 workers and reassigning the rest to other projects. Although the start of Driveclub was gruesome and run over, the truth is that at Evolution Studios they knew how to come back with an enviable capacity and will, earning yourself a second chance and what is more important, providing an arcade pillar to the offer of driving titles from Sony, which today is only supported by a Gran Turismo 7 that came out regularly

Is the market saturated with driving games?

As a player I cannot deny that this news hurt me especially. I think that Driveclub was a great starting point for a new driving saga and that it would have been the perfect weapon to counterattack against the brilliant Forza Horizon saga that has brought so much joy to Microsoft. While it is true that, from a purely subjective point of view, I think the driving game market is in the doldrums lately. Added to the disappearance of Driveclub is the poor performance of sagas such as The Crew, Need for Speed, Grid, Dirt and Dirt Rally, WRC, Project Cars or Assetto Corsa (on consoles).


Not in vain Electronic Arts has already canceled the Project Cars saga and Burnout, Ubisoft has acknowledged that The Crew did not work, Dirt Rally 2 angered the community so much that it is already considered dead, and titles like Dirt 5 or Grid Legends have sold well below expectations. I would like to know what do you think 3DJuegos readersDo you think the market has been saturated? Maybe it has something to do with the expensive licenses that have to be paid for each model of car? Does anyone remember Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown?

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