“It offended me as a woman, as a director and as a lesbian”: It promises to be at the Oscars 2023, but ‘Tár’ has already angered someone

Cate Blanchett’s new film, directed by Todd Field, won the actress the Volpi Cup at the last Venice Film Festival.

The pools for the 2023 Oscar nominations are getting smaller and smaller. One of the films that was already quite sentenced at the last Venice Festival is tar. The new film by Todd Field arrives in Spanish cinemas on January 27th and, although it is almost certain that we will hear his name or that of a member of his team in the nominations for the Hollywood Film Academy Awards, the title has already angered someone. Specifically, one of the orchestra directors mentioned at the beginning of the film.

The film follows Lydia Tar, a lesbian conductor at the height of her career who is accused of abuse by a young woman. The film, in its opening sequence, makes reference to some real female orchestra conductors. Among them, to Marin Alsopto whom the film has not sat well at all.

“Many superficial aspects of tar seemed to align with my own personal life”begins Alsop, who acknowledges having things in common with the protagonist played by Cate Blanchett. However, everything changed after seeing the film:

As he points out in Sunday Times:

Once seen, I was no longer worried, I was offended: offended as a woman, offended as a director, offended as a lesbian

Alsop also disagrees with the way in which a woman is represented in a position of power. “Having the opportunity to play a woman in that role and make her an abuser. It was painful for me,” she adds. “I think all women and all feminists should be upset about the type of representation because it’s not about female conductors, right? It’s about women as leaders in our society”.

He has even described the film as “anti-women”. “There are so many men – actual documented men – that this movie could have been based on, but instead puts a woman in the role and gives her all the attributes of those men. That sounds anti-women. To assume that women will behave the same as men or go hysterical, crazy, insane is to perpetuate something we’ve seen many times in the movies.”

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The director of the film himself said about the decision to examine the issues of tar from a female perspective: “I think it’s pretty clear that in the times we live in, the great white man’s lens is a pretty good looking prism. I think, looking through that prism, there are a lot of very simple defaults in terms of how we examine certain ideas and look at others and potentially have a conversation that is often limited“.

“I wasn’t interested in doing that,” he continues in ew. “I wanted to talk about power and structures, which are the conduits that exist for power -in this case in a kind of temple of art- and look at the power itself and try to get beyond that ‘stop’ sign in terms of classifications as male, female or whatever“.

On these lines, do not miss the trailer of tar.

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