“It seems unfortunate to me”: Juan del Val charges Shakira in ‘El Hormiguero’ for his new song with Bizarrap

The collaborator of the program presented by Pablo Motos has been very forceful with the Colombian singer.


The controversial song Shakira and Bizarrap has not left anyone indifferent. January 12, 2023 has been marked on the calendar for the day on which the Colombian singer released a song with direct -very direct- to Gerad Piqué. All the media have echoed the controversy, even the news on the main television channels opened with the news. And, as expected, the gathering of the anthill has analyzed some of the sentences of the so-called “musical revenge” of the artist.

The successful song, which currently has more than 67 million views, has divided society into two: those who applaud Shakira for not keeping quiet about anything, and those who criticize her dedicating a song like this to the father of her two children. Among the latter is Juan del Val. The collaborator of the Pablo Motos program It has been very hard with the ColombianHe has even accused her of objectifying Piqué’s current partner, Clara Chía.

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“It seems decisive to me what he does when talking about Piqué’s current partner, that I find it embarrassing,” said del Val. “And when we talk about machismo and objectification, the thing about: ‘You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio’. Can’t reify more. It seems totally unfortunate to me, “said the collaborator. In addition, he points out that there are already three songs by Shakira dedicated to her ex.

A song, okay. Two, okay. But, three and take out the mother-in-law… That’s enough!

The other collaborators at the table stressed that the musical theme is a business for Shakira. These statements made Juan del Val exploit to the maximum against the Colombian. “Okay, girl! Okay, girl! That’s good!” exclaimed the also screenwriter of the successful format. “Yes, that ‘oh, what pain I have’, but the pain made it profitable to the maximum. Okay now!” she stressed.

The song is absolutely wickedApart from being very bad, in my opinion,” the collaborator stated. “You can now catch up with the Treasury,” Cristina Pardo finished off against Shakira, referring to the debt that the singer has against the treasury.

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