“It was similar”: James Cameron compares ‘Avatar’ with the chemistry of Leonardo and Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’

According to the filmmaker, the way he cast Jake and Neytiri closely resembles the casting process for Jack and Rose.

20th Century Fox/Walt Disney Studios

We are used to James Cameron giving us great science fiction stories, but we cannot deny that the famous filmmaker have also given us great love stories that have gone down in film history. In particular one of them: that of Jack and Rose in titanica romance that barely lasted a day, but that captivated and continues to captivate millions of viewers around the world and that we were able to enjoy with the greatest of illusions even though it took place at the same time as the tragic shipwreck was narrated. of an ocean liner in which more than 1,500 people died.

Jack and Rose’s love story is at the top of James Cameron as far as romantic plots are concerned, but we cannot forget that Avatarthe highest-grossing film in history and now a promising science fiction saga, also builds its tale of colonization and war around a tender love story: that of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), a human and a Na’vi they meet on Pandora when he infiltrates the planet with the goal of helping humans extract a coveted mineral that could help overcome the energy crisis on earth.

It is well known that Jake and Neytiri fall head over heels in love, and while their love story isn’t exactly easy, the newly released sequel Avatar: The Sense of Water introduces us to the protagonists 13 years later, still in love and having built a beautiful family in Pandora made up of several children.

as in titanicthe star couple of Avatar It would work as the central axis of the story and James Cameron were well aware of the importance of finding the perfect acting couple to get into the roles. A process that he himself recognizes as “very similar” to the search for Jack and Rose.

“Directors make a thousand decisions a day, but the most important decision a director makes is whether to cast an actor or not”he assured in response to the question that the actress Morfydd Clark (the rings of power) for the special number of Empire dedicated to avatar 2. “I take the audition process very seriously. Actors tell me that I spend a lot more time with them at first reading than I do at normal auditions. I want to get to know them: how they think and how they react to ideas I might throw at them about the March”.

The most important chemistry is between the director and the actor. Chemistry between actors is also critical, especially in a love story, and I’ve had good luck with chemistry reads in the past.

“In titanic I chose Kate first [Winslet] and then she read liberally with several young would-be Jacks. I saw how excited she got after reading with Leo. I watched him miraculously turn into Jack before my eyes for a few minutes, like a unicorn walking into a sunlit glade,” he recalls of auditioning for Leonardo DiCaprio. “It was similar in Avatar. Zoe was cast first and read with Sam, who she was already seriously considering, before I made the final decision. When I watched them together, the movie suddenly seemed to come to life. After that moment, I knew that all the visual effects challenges in the world couldn’t stop us from telling a powerful love story.”