It was sold out at the Zenith: Matthieu Chedid’s daydream continues to reach a large audience

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10,000 spectators Tuesday, November 29, at the Zénith; as much doubtless at the rendezvous next April. Matthieu Chedid fills the halls with remarkable consistency, offering shows that are both tender and very impressive.

Those who have never seen Matthieu Chedid (alias – M – ) in concert cannot understand why, 25 years after his debut, he remains such a phenomenon. Face – then in the middle – of 10,000 people, Tuesday evening, at the Zenith of Toulouse, the singer demonstrated the immense talent which is his. Matthieu Chedid seduces a large audience because his songs are tender, generous…and devilishly rhythmic. He fills them because his shows bet on the imagination and deploy treasures of poetry to seduce us. The new tour of – M -, first passed by the Bikini of Ramonville last April and which will return to the Zénith… next April, puts in the center of the stage a giant eye, whose iris evolves constantly until to serve as a way of passage for the artist (it is then that one thinks of the credits of 007 even if further on it is to Fellini that he pays homage).
Singer tightrope walker and diabolical guitarist, Matthieu Chedid begins his show at full speed with “Rêvalité” title-program of his new album, followed by the hit of hits “Qui de nous deux”. More will follow, including a near-final “Machistador” showering the crowd with its powerful funk and disco ball bursts. Loving to go into contact, – M – settles for a moment in the heart of the pit in an acoustic version for superb versions of “La bonne étoile” and “En tête-à-tête”. It was then that he invited to join him on the small stage a Toulousaine, Pascaline, “graphic designer (who) dreams of becoming a professional singer”. He chose it via a video contest (what would singers do without social media?) where aspiring artists had to complete lyrics to -M-. Less anecdotal was the place given, in a group of 5 musicians, to Gail Ann Dorsey, David Bowie’s ultimate bassist and formidable singer. The opportunity to see a great artist in action, particularly in her interpretation of “Life on Mars” (1973) that Matthieu Chedid, decidedly elusive, decided to follow, in duet with the lady, with “A toi”, success by Joe Dassin (1977). Big difference assumed in a man of a mad gluttony for his art and an impressive vista for the business that surrounds him. Today, Matthieu Chedid is not only a singer-songwriter-guitarist. He produces his albums and tours, edits his songs and oversees the artistic direction down to the smallest detail (with the complicity of his sister Emilie). Sacred success for a long shy boy who takes care of himself by dreaming of himself as an exuberant, delicate and endearing character.

– M – in concert on Wednesday April 19, 2023 at the Zénith de Toulouse. Prices: from 35€ to 72€.
“Rêvalité” album (Lab M/Wagram).