It was the star bet of Amazon Prime Video and it disappeared without a trace: three years later, it returns almost by surprise (but already canceled)

Al Pacino and a group of Nazi hunters trying to prevent the construction of the Fourth Reich. A promising story that now you have the opportunity to finish.

For a time it was one of the star projects of Amazon Prime Video and its premiere did not go unnoticed in 2020, but you may have forgotten about it and we do not blame you for it. Developed by David Weil, also creator of alone for the streaming platform, and starring a cast headed by Al Pacino himself, Hunters It had ballots to be one of the top series of its year. The fiction was set in the late 70s and followed in the footsteps of a band of Nazi hunters willing to do justice… Previous bloodshed included.

after a first season of 10 episodes which were released in full in February 2020, the series was the subject of pretty mixed reviews. Its premise, attractive from the first day, was widely praised, as well as its visual invoice and the interpretations of its protagonists. However, the extremely leisurely pace and an inconclusive first that, despite its length, practically functioned as an introduction, left viewers with a certain feeling of boredom.

The series also came under some criticism regarding its historical accuracy, with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum calling a scene from the first season set in the concentration camp at the time “nonsense” and a “dangerous cartoon”. that the prisoners were forced to participate in a game of human chess. According to the museum, this type of scene could feed denialist stories and it shared its desire that its renewal not take place. For his part, David Weil, a grandson of Holocaust survivors, explained that his sole intention had been to tell a story about the Holocaust without borrowing from the experience of a specific survivor without his permission.

And that would be the thing. Just a month after its premiere, the world was completely in ‘shock’ with the arrival of the Coronavirus and its renewal for a second installment took place in the summer without much noise.

Now, three years later, season 2 of Hunters it is already a reality and is about to see the light on Prime Video. will do it this friday January 13, 2023 with eight premiere episodes that you can see in one sitting. Of course, if the first installment served to lay the foundations of the story, the second will serve to close it, since, due to the long way back, the series has been canceled and will not continue on the platform.

Although it is not clear if Weil knew from the beginning that the second season would be the last, the truth is that the news was not confirmed at the time of renewal, but rather when the release date of the new episodes was announced. What the creator has made clear is that the second season brings with it a “satisfactory” ending after having dared to introduce Adolf Hitler himself into the story.

For me, as a kid growing up on Long Island Jewish, there was always this frustration and anger that Hitler got away with his crimes, that he was never brought to justice, was never arrested, killed or tried. That he made a decision at the end about his life

“I would only invoke Hitler if we are going to do justice in some satisfactory way,” he promises in statements to Entertainment Weekly.

The second and final season of Hunters debuts in full on Prime Video this Friday, January 13.