“It’s a step back. Sarah Connor was not a beauty icon”: James Cameron attacks ‘Wonder Woman’ again

The director of the ‘Avatar’ saga has recently spoken about the costume of the superheroine played by Gal Gadot.

James Cameron has turned some of the protagonists of his films into iconic heroines. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Rose (Kate Winslet) in titanic and neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in Avatar are some of them. However, the filmmaker has been criticizing other leading female characters in recent years.

On the occasion of the premiere of Avatar: The Sense of WaterCameron stated that her film was more feminist than Captain Marvel because there was a pregnant woman fighting in a battle.

It wasn’t the first time Cameron had made comments like this. In 2017, when Wonder Woman hit theaters, he said: “All the self-indulgence that Hollywood has been doing with Wonder Woman they are wrong. She’s an objectified icon and she’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing! I’m not saying I didn’t like the movie, but for me it’s a step backwards. Sarah Connor was a beauty icon“.

Now, in an interview with TIME has spoken again about the film directed by Patty Jenkins and has focused on the wardrobe of the heroine played by Gal Gadot. The filmmaker has reflected on comments he has made in the past and has acknowledged that it is not his place to criticize the work of directors. But about the clothes of the protagonist, Cameron has said that he is a “objectified paradigm”.

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“I don’t have a problem with Wonder Woman. I loved the movie. What seemed elusive to me at the time was that it is okay that the woman wants to dress well and be beautiful but not for the male gaze, but for her own when she sees herself in the mirror, right? I may have missed that part,” he explains.

On the other hand, Cameron has also spoken about what it meant for a woman to direct a ‘blockbuster’ like Wonder Womanbut he has also taken the opportunity to throw a pullita:

It took a female director to own a great action movie… even though Kathryn Bigelow had been doing it for a while.

As he has continued about Kathryn Bigelow: “She would have turned down any superhero movie she was offered if it was a female lead. And that’s the healthier prospect, I think, personally. Why not have women direct male characters? Have a woman direct Batman. Now we are talking“, he concludes.

Everything indicates that Cameron’s comments about Wonder Woman they will be just as divisive as the ones he did years ago. The filmmaker, for his part, is enjoying success with Avatar: The Sense of Waterwhich is already the third highest grossing film of all time of the cinema.

As for Wonder Woman, despite the changes James Gunn has been making to the DC Universe, the director has acknowledged that he has plans for the heroine in the future of the franchise. What has not been clear is if it will be again with Gadot in the role of the character.

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