It’s Broadway at the Tournefeuille Lighthouse

the essential
Le Grenier de Toulouse is putting on a musical on the theme of Broadway, until Sunday at the Phare de Tournefeuille. What to restore our morale.

For four days, the comedy usually mastered by the hand of the Grenier de Toulouse troupe is tinged with music since the chef has decided! “In fact, I have been immersed in the world of musicals since I was little explains Pierre Matras, my family and my neighbors have been paying for it for years! ” And the opportunity arose to give free rein to this passion: “When I entrusted it to Claude Puysségur, the conductor of the Harmonie de Tournefeuille, he immediately offered to sing with 50 supporting musicians. Then joined me in this adventure the actors Muriel Darras and Laurent Collombert who have very pretty voices. But we still needed real singers because we don’t sing little tunes! So I asked Rachel Joseph, Elsa Pérusin and Magalie Lopez to join us and it’s really sending the pâté, it’s incredible! »

Laughter and Songs

The art mastered by these artists adds to the obvious pleasure experienced during the rehearsals for what Pierre Matras describes as “gala” as they used to say in the past. “A gala where we are well dressed, in evening costumes, in beautiful dresses, with these 50 musicians and then there will not only be tunes from musicals, there will also be a lot of nonsense between each medley and each tune. because with Muriel you can’t help it! »
Thus, it is on a real journey into the history of Broadway that the playful troupe invites to the now legendary tunes of the “Lion King”, the “Phantom of the Opera”, “Les Miserables”, “Chicago”, of “West Side Story”, of “Aladdin”, of “Singing in the rain”.
And the happiness of pushing the voice is obvious: “We do something different for four days, we don’t really interpret a character, we speak directly to the public and we make them experience something other than theater too. . Which puts us in danger since we are not singers so we are feverish but it’s funny and there is a real complicity with the public, we talk to them a lot since we also offer a quiz on musicals and people win prizes and we laugh a lot! »
This will also be one of the major ingredients of the following production offered from February 16 to 27 by the Grenier de Toulouse troupe: “A Little Game Without Consequence” by Jean Dell and Georges Sibleyras.

From Thursday 13 to Saturday 14 at 8.30 p.m., Sunday 16 January at 4 p.m. at the Tournefeuille lighthouse (32 bis, route de Tarbes). Prices: 20, 17 and 10 euros. Reservation only on and information on