It’s not just a drawing: ‘The Last of Us’ 1×05 hides a powerful story that you deserve to know

‘Resist and survive’ (1×05) has left fans heartbroken, but things are going to get better in the hit HBO series.

The Last of Us follow his journey in HBO Max Already established as one of the great series that we will see in 2023 and, as it progresses in its plots, it captivates viewers more. Fans of the Naughty Dog video game series from which it is adapted have an advantage over what is to come and, while applauding the television version of the story provided by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, warn that the best -or worst, depending on how you look at it- is yet to come.

The fifth episode, ‘Resist and survive’ (1×05), has broken our hearts again. Picking up the action after leaving the plot at a ‘cliffhanger’ in the fourth episode, the episode delved into the story in Kansas City through the interactions of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and the characters with whose relationship began at gunpoint.

Tense and heartbreaking in equal measure, the chapter also hid a very special ‘easter egg’ that fans of the video game will not have missed and what hides a truly shocking story that it seems we will not get to know.

around the minute 27 of the episode, when Joel and Ellie explore with their companions the Kansas City sewers in which a group of people took refuge in the past, we see some of the traces that were left of their tragic passage through there: one of them a drawing that barely receives a couple of seconds of attention, but that is much more important than you think. Joel looks at it curiously on the wall: on it, a drawing of some such Danny and Ishapparently soldiers, whom the little boy who drew them nicknamed “our protectors”.

The drawing is so important that Neil Druckmann has not hesitated to dedicate a post on his Instagram accountin which he has accompanied a photograph of the drawing with a text addressed to his followers: “For those who know…”.

The comments on the publication leave no room for doubt: the ‘easter-egg’ is unmistakable and the story behind it is truly powerful.

Eye! If you don’t want to know specific details of the game, you better stop reading now.

Who were Danny and Ish? In the first game of the saga Joel finds a series of notes in the Kansas sewers that talk about a man named Ish, who was the one who turned the place into a stronghold for a few seemingly long ago. Ish and Danny, the protagonists of the drawing, became the protectors of the community, in which they had some comforts, but at some point an open door allowed the entry of a horde of infected. Ish, Susan -the mother of the family she had fostered in her day- and some of the children who lived with them managed to escape and survive, while Kyle -the father of the family- and the rest of the children were trapped with the infected at the door. As the game implied, the man had to shoot all the children and then take his own life.

An extra story in the game that at first it seems that we will not know in the series, but that is one of the many definitive proofs of the absolute tragedies that were experienced by the survivors during the two decades that followed the outbreak that wiped out humanity.