It’s one of the best strategy games of all time and it’s now on sale for 90% off on Steam, but you have to hurry if you want to get your hands on it – Civilization VI

if we talk about famous strategy games, a fan of the genre could cite a good handful of sagas that have gone down in posterity both for their challenges and for the level of detail in their gameplay. And, among all these options, it is very likely that this hypothetical player will mention the franchise of Sid Meier’s Civilizationsince its fifth installment achieved that a user would invest up to 20,000 hours of his life in empire building. However, today we do not want to focus on this game released in 2010, but on its best and most polished sequel, Civilization VIwhich comes with quite an irresistible offer.

If you like to promote the evolution of civilizations with all kinds of methods, it is very possible that you will be interested in the latest Steam promotion on this game: a 90% discount when acquiring the more than applauded Civilization VI. Taking into account that the full price of the delivery is established at 59.99 euros, this means that you can get the title of Firaxis Games for only €5.99; a really low figure for all the hours you can put into this resource management proposal where the phrase “one more turn and I go to sleep” will resonate more often than you think.

Civilization VI

The gameplay, more detailed than ever

Civilization VI invites us to expand our empire to unimaginable limits.

As in many installments of the genre, Civilization VI bases its gameplay on a combination of mechanics that, together, invite us to expand our empire to unimaginable limits. The evolution of the territory can only happen if we masterfully manage the multiple aspects that intervene in a civilization, which means being aware of all the decisions we make around the resource managementthe building construction and of course the diplomacy. After all, starting a war can have serious consequences, right?

All this will be carried out with a level of interaction with the environment never seen in the franchise, which on this occasion is committed to a more cartoon while redirecting a good part of the resources to provide an improved experience compared to previous deliveries. In this sense, it is worth mentioning developments such as the physical expansion on the mapthe active research of technology and culture to unlock new potentials, and a series of leaders They add a lot to the game.

Because Civilization VI has the presence of some of the most important politicians from different nations such as Felipe II of Spain, Gandhi of India, Pedro I of Russia, Moctezuma of the Aztecs or Victoria of the United Kingdom, among others. And, in case you find that this selection of leaders is scarce, we take the opportunity to remind you that the game from Firaxis Games has some DLCs that expand the user’s options when you start your game, then each civilization has peculiarities They constitute one of the most fun delivery challenges.

Civilization VI

And the story? you create it

The latest proposal in the Sid Meier’s saga introduces a lot of history for those who want to delve into the aspects that concern each of the civilizations that make up the game, but part of its charm lies in the possibility of create a legendary story May it be marked in the annals of time. Because you are the only one who can alter the records with unpredictable actions and movements worthy of a leader building good relations with countries or sending everything to hell with a war conflict.

And this is what makes Civlization VI so special: the sensations that are obtained with each turn. Because you can always settle for a more espionage-focused politician whose greatest achievements include uncovering Hidden Agendas of various territories, or you can opt for a more peaceful point of view where trust is above military options. Or why not, you can also drop an atomic bomb and see what happens; the story is written by you.

In short, the Firaxis strategy has lowered its price enough for anyone even remotely interested in the genre to want to give it a try. And, if you think you need more incentive to include this title in your Steam library, you can always take a look at our Civilization VI review where we encumber it as an essential that manages to endure the greatness of the franchise.

And yes, everything indicates that Firaxis has already gotten down to work to make a new installment of the Sid Meier’s saga, as they recently revealed be developing a new game for its emblematic brand. However, it seems that there is still a lot to see this mysterious project in the market, and we have enough time to spend a good handful of hours on the strategy of Civilization VI.