I’ve been playing with a wheel of almost 1100 euros for a week and it’s as if they had left me a Ferrari

I have always liked driving. More the sensations of driving than the act of driving on a public road, which in my case in Madrid, is possibly one of the things that stresses me out the most. At least when they let me, because now not even that. My car is a humble Peugeot that no longer makes the cut. Through my job, luckily I have had some pretty incredible opportunities, like driving around the Circuit de Catalunya or drifting on ice tracks on a frozen lake. You can imagine that it is night and day compared to going with my Peugeot in a traffic jam. That’s how different this one feels Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel.

And he didn’t have, or at least didn’t think he had, a bad steering wheel. a stoic Thrustmaster T300RS that supports me from the previous generation in its edition that came out for GT Sports, perfectly compatible with PS5. But what do you want me to tell you, the experience with the G Pro is the same as when they leave you a good machine. Everything is the same and everything is different. playing now Gran Turismo 7 next to the PSVR 2 and this wheel almost looks like another game.

The first thing I noticed is the weight. Cumbersome to install, yes, but the disadvantages end there, because when you hook it to your table it is as robust and immovable as the steering wheel of your car. It has a particular hook, with a piece that is incorporated by means of a removable hook, unlike the traditional cat. Cynical me, I thought there was no way that would hold as well as a bonded piece. What a surprise. Not even in the most aggressive conditions did it move an inch. This… Did I mention that this flyer cost almost 1100 euros? Because maybe we should start there.

Pro Racing Wheel

Pro Racing Wheel

The best flyer… if you can afford it

1100 euros for steering wheel and 400 for pedals. I sold my last car used for less. But what steering wheel and what pedals. He trustforce from Logitech is not a novelty, the G923 at a more affordable price already incorporates it, but it is the first time that I try it and the sensations of this haptic vibration They are impressive. It’s hard to go back to the frugal Thrustmaster. The same goes for your 11 Newton meters of force feedback, that place it above titans like the Fanatec DD Pro, for example. High quality materials, both in the panel and in the coating, and a larger diameter in the wheel that make it more realistic.

The only drawback that this G Pro has is the price

Its panel discards the classic built-in crosshead of the traditional control. replaces everything with a small joystick (very cute) and wheels with which to control all the options. It’s good, because everything is very close at hand even without looking at it, something that is very useful when you also carry your PSVR 2 in the head that won’t let you look at it. Perhaps the options button for these cases is too low, and you also miss the small OLED panel Which incorporates. A small and useful pijada, that you are paying 1100 euros. Here you can check exactly the pressure of each of the pedals, but also change it for other options such as gears, speed, as well as adjust force feedback options or vibration.

Yes, the steering wheel takes the cake, but I have to talk about the pedals, because this has been a big difference with what I already had. Normal, if my entire steering wheel costs less than the pedals alone. The great protagonist is once again the weight. The problem I have with mine is that I need to fit them against a stop so they don’t slip, since when I press hard the pedals always move off the ground, and I don’t have any support to help. I haven’t had any problems with the G Pro pedals. They are like a rock It won’t move no matter how much you step on it.

Racing Wheel PRO for PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Racing Wheel PRO for PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Not only are they solid, albeit plastic, mind you, but their Sensitivity is perfect on the accelerator, soft on the clutch and extremely hard on the brake. Although it is ideal, it has taken me a while to get used to it coming from another set of pedals. The brake offers brutal resistance built to measure not only the force you put out, but also how fast and hard you put your foot down. You turn the jalopy over and see the engineering feat. Each pedal on its rail, perfectly modifiable to set the distances or even get rid of the clutch if you think you don’t need it. The cables are so obsessively tidy that you’ll even have a hard time plugging it in the first time.

Do you know what the only problem was when they left me those big cars in real life? Have to return them. You had suddenly tasted something that was beyond your means only to have it taken away with impunity. And of course, that creates a comparative need and grievance that didn’t exist before when you return to your Peugeot and your video game steering wheel. Because The only drawback that this G Pro has is the price and that I have to return it. I’m going to miss that weight, that robustness, that sensitivity and that haptic vibration. If you can afford it, I’m officially very envious of you.