“I’ve gotten very angry”: Pilar Rubio’s anger at Florentino Fernández after his heroic apnea in ‘El Desafío’

The comedian was proclaimed the winner of the second gala of the third edition of the successful program after his feat underwater.


The second program of the third edition The challenge He came back with more challenges. A gala marked by the test of apnea of Florentino Fernandez, which did not leave anyone indifferent. Spectators and attendees on the set of the successful format experienced a very tense moment with the comedian In fact, Pilar Rubio, a member of the jury, got angry with the contestant for her harrowing feat underwater.

If last week it was Ana Guerra who was submerged under the water, this week it was Fernández’s turn. After a week of training with Juandi, the comedian faced one of the most complicated and risky tests of ‘El Desafío’. And he did it in style, as he managed to hold his breath underwater 3 and a half minutes.

Fernández has positioned himself in the seventh place in the top 10 of the contestants in the history of the program who have endured the most underwater thanks to this brand. This achievement made him proclaim himself the winner of the second program of the third edition, for which he took the 9,500 euros more that he donated to the Juegaterapia Foundation.

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“You have shown a great capacity for sacrifice and being someone very competitive. Congratulations,” acknowledged Juan del Val. Her partner on the jury, Pilar Rubio, agreed with the underwater feat carried out by Fernández, although she confessed to having had a very bad time. An assessment that she took advantage of to scold the contestant for his way of managing apnea. In fact, the presenter confessed that she has been “very angry with him.”

Never in my life would I have thought that Florentino Fernández was going to give me a hard time because he has always given me a good time

“As time went by, I was getting more angry with him because I saw that he was in there saying no,” confessed Pilar Rubio. And it is that Fernández was shaking his head in the water. “You should have done a four and a half minute apnea, at least. Why do you spend oxygen, why do you move? It is not necessary,” concluded the jury member.

After these words, Fernández was moved and could not contain the tears while his companions hugged him. “I’m not made for this, I am made to be a bear that enjoys honey. I can’t fight,” acknowledged the comedian. Even so, the apnea test made Fernández the winner of the second program of the third edition of The challenge.

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