Jackpot movie download by the website Tamilrockers

Jackpot movie download by the website Tamilrockers

A character has been a treasure for many years. Masha and Akshaya are both thieves in the robbery. They get information about the whereabouts of those who live a life of theft. They both plan to take it. So the story is about the mess that happens and whether they took the treasure.

There was a movie called Kulebakavali. The action comedy is not a hit movie at all. A comedy of the kind that agrees as OK. In response to the same directorial hero in the same character of the film, Jyotika has slightly changed the same story by keeping Revathi.

Looking for something like a story, screenplay but nowhere in the film is it? It is not clear what purpose the scenes were written for. There is not even logic in a scene. No continuation. Not interesting either.

Comedy is called Serious Business. Laughing is so hard that a comedy film can’t be written so easily. Showing the actors differently. Re-dissolving successful scenes in Tamil cinema. Political parodies, successful heroes dialogue do not understand how all this can come in the form of comedy.

Not even a single scene of the film impressed us. Seeing Jyotika as a thief is a little new. But one can only admire oneself if there is something in the story or scenes.
Revathi, the Jyotika combination is good. But no comedy.

Anand Raj, Mansoor Alikhan, Yogibabu are the huge star cast in the film. That’s all they have to make a scene laugh for the person! Anandraj makes you laugh a little in many scenes.
It is irritating to see old movies versus coming back in the name of verses. Jyotika has broken it in which she has made it through her recent films so that one can watch the films with confidence. Big disappointment.

Bite joke comedies are all about the time when kids don’t laugh. They keep filling it throughout the film. The noise in the name of music keeps the ears closed. They have completed the entire film in all three locations. While watching the film, the priest comes to know when the film will end. Jackpot empty box!