Jacob Bertrand Opens Up About His ‘Cobra Kai’ Experience: His Mohawk, The Kiss That Made Him Uncomfortable, And Other Hilarious Anecdotes

The character has experienced a powerful journey that has culminated in his victory in the All Valley Tournament. This has been his experience in season 4.

The long-awaited season 4 of Cobra Kai He has left us many things and has paved the way for a fifth installment in which much remains to be resolved, but, Although many questions remain on the table, the new episodes that were released on Netflix just a couple of weeks ago answered a question that we had been asking ourselves for a long time.: Who would win the new All Valley Tournament? Miyagi-Do or Cobra Kai?

Finally the answer was that both, because while Tory Nichols (Peyton List) won the women’s tournament for Martin Kreese’s dojo -although after the purchase of the referee by Terry Silver-, Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) won the boys’ championship for Miyagi.

Hawk’s victory has been really well received by the fans and Jacob Bertrand is delighted with it. This is how he recognized it in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which he has opened up about his character and has revealed a lot of details and anecdotes about behind the scenes that we were delighted to discover.

From victim to ‘bully’ and from ‘bully’ to All Valley champion. Hawk’s career has undoubtedly been exciting and, after hitting rock bottom in the third installment when he broke his best friend’s arm, in this fourth season the character has managed to redeem his behavior during his training with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio ) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

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The character will continue to grow as the series progresses, but take note below of the anecdotes shared by the young actor.

The crest is his hair… Almost always

“It’s my hair! Yes,” he says in the interview with Entertainment Weekly. Or, at least, it almost always has been. “Actually, Season 4 is the only season where it wasn’t all my hair, because I had an extension. I had black roots, my hair was dyed red and then I got a little extension. My crest was about 12 to 15 centimeters and already with the extension it measured about 20 or 22″.

In the season 3 finale, I sported an 8-inch mohawk all of my natural hair.

According to Bertrand, she has come to feel really comfortable in it and so much so that when she wasn’t wearing it she felt a difference in her movements: “The different head movements I’m used to doing with 20 centimeters of rock-solid hair on top of my head. Doing them without him felt light and felt very peculiar.”

The most awkward kiss

A wonderful moment of the fourth season that took place in season 4 was not so wonderful for Jacob Bertrand, as he himself admits in the interview. We refer to the talk and later kiss you moon (Hannah Kepple) gives to Eli in episode 9 and that, according to him, gave him strength for his victory.

“There was a pretty big crowd. It was weird. I haven’t kissed many times on screen, so I’m still trying to feel it and be 100% comfortable with it,” explains Bertrand. “It still feels weird to me that I’m kissing someone who isn’t a couple. I’m still not a pro at it.”

The curious way he found out he was champion

“No one knew for a long time. Like most people, I didn’t know until episode 10 who would win both the boys’ and girls’ championships,” he says. It was then, when he was going to shoot a scene and the creators were giving instructions to the hairdresser in great detail when he found out. “They told me, ‘Hey, we’re not doing this for nothing. You’re going to be an All Valley champion.’ It was crazy.”

The shirtless moment you didn’t believe…until it happened

Another crazy moment that has drawn a lot of attention in season 4 of Cobra Kai and that Jacob Bertrand did not believe until he was on top of him was the one in which Hawk se enfrenta a Robby [Tanner Buchanan] without the Gi.

“I first heard about it when Tanner told me about it. He was like, ‘Hey, so for the final fight you and I are going to be shirtless.’ And I was like, ‘No, we’re not. You’re lying.’ And him: ‘No, I’m serious! We’ll be shirtless and we’ll fight.”

I thought: ‘No way. Why would we take it off? Has no sense’

Tanner didn’t know the reason then either, but the creators quickly confirmed it to him as well. “It was fun to be able to do this big fight in front of a lot of people with no shirts on and kick Tanner in the abs a couple of times. I almost broke my toe,” recalls the actor.

Your anti-spoiler strategy

“How do you handle when fans try to get ‘spoilers’ out of you?” was asking Entertainment Weekly. “Usually I just punch them in the face and say, ‘There you go. That’s your spoiler. There are a lot of fights,” jokes Bertrand.

However, like most actors, his modus operandi is to politely apologize for not being able to ask them for anything and blame it on Netflix. “Usually I’m like, ‘Oh, I can’t tell you that. Netflix is ​​going to hit me with a big stick if I tell you anything.’ reading this and you want to ask me for spoilers, one of three things will happen: I’ll make a Netflix joke, I’ll make a joke that I’m dying, or your nose will be very bruised.

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