Jaconelli father and son in concert at Bikini with Biolay

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In the Jaconelli family, there is the father, Pierre, guitarist of Benjamin Biolay. And then the son, Jules, who composes and sings… and will open the first part of “Benji” this evening at the Bikini.

“Serene”. A few hours away from stepping on the stage of an archi-complete Bikini on Tuesday, opening act for Benjamin Biolay, Jules Jaconelli is happy and serene. “Of course, I will undoubtedly have a little stage fright before, but a positive stage: to find myself in front of so many people, to be able to make them discover my music, my texts, I can’t wait”, enthuses t -he.

Born in 1991, Jules was just 18 years old when he followed Pierre Jaconelli, his guitarist father, on the tour of… Benjamin Biolay, who had just released “La Superbe”. “Benjamin is someone I respect enormously: he influenced me, for sure, like the Beatles or the American soul of the 70s by Al Green,” he confides.

Trained in Berklee, Boston

Being the son of the guitarist from Biolay (and Johnny Hallyday) is by no means a sesame for his first parts. Jules made his weapons at Berklee, in Boston, “the best school of music today”. It is on his return to France that he finds the alter ego that he has been looking for for a long time, the one who will know how to put words to his catchy and chiseled melodies: it will be Pierre Grillet, author for Bashung of the famous “Madame Rêve” . The duo work, often in the same room, and the songs of a first album, which will be released in the spring, are born. Pop arrangements on catchy choruses, serious and deep timbre (hard not to think of Biolay): the charm of these deceptively light but skilfully crafted songs (“If I am told that they are as popular as they are learned, we cannot give me a better compliment, “smiles Jules) operates immediately. We will discover them this Tuesday in guitar-voice formula: a good song hardly needs more. Behind the scenes, Pierre will watch the son, his eye probably wet. A great family story.

Jules Jaconelli, in concert Tuesday December 7 at 8 p.m. at the Bikini, opening act for Benjamin Biolay. Full concert.

It is complete !

Benjamin Biolay’s concert is sold out at the Bikini. In the same room, a few artists have achieved this feat in these uncertain times: Kaleo on January 13, 2022, Feu Chatterton! on January 30, La Femme on February 3, Josman on February 19, Idles on March 6, Gaëtan Roussel on March 8, Polo & Pan on March 9 and Juliette Armanet on March 26.