Jaime Lorente changes his ‘look’ and moves away from Denver from ‘La Casa de Papel’ to start his musical career

The actor from the Netflix series is part of the Arenal Sound programming.

Although the criminal and dangerous life of Denver is what has made Jaime Lorente famous, the reality of the actor from The Money Heist it’s very different. Not only has he said goodbye to The Professor’s Band with the end of season 5, but he is ready to change his life and enter a very different field: that of music.

Last week he released the ‘single’ ‘Saturday. “I hope you like it as much as I do,” he wrote on his Instagram account when he shared the topic with his followers. It is the third that he publishes, after ‘Corazón’ and ‘Mirando al sol’, in the last 12 months. All three songs have been very well received, which makes fans wonder one thing: will there be an album coming soon? A comment in a previous post seems to point out that yes: “Saturday ‘is the first preview of The night“.

Your co-star in The Money Heist Luka Peros, his companion of Elite Ester Expósito and other Spanish entertainment figures, such as Asier Etxeandia (actor and musician), have supported him in his Instagram comments. “What happened”, put Miguel Ángel Silvestre, which was added by Álvaro Morte with a “Arribaaaa!”

In this way, Lorente departs a bit from the role for which we knew him, although his influence is still there. It is impossible to separate the actor from Denver and many fans of the Netflix series are listening to his songs thanks to that. “I don’t understand a word of the song but I keep listening around Denver” can be read in a comment on the YouTube video.

Perhaps that is why he has changed his ‘look’. The interpreter eagerly faces his new stage with a hairstyle slightly different from the one he is accustomed to. He still maintains his characteristic curls, but has shaved the sides of his head.

Although Jaime Lorente continues to build his own path, we still have to see what becomes of his character in part 2 of season 5 of The Money Heist. The threads are loose and anything can happen down the stretch. Denver remains on his feet in the fight, but his problems are on the personal ground. It seems that Stockholm (Esther Acebo) is rethinking her new life as a criminal, while Manila (Belén Cuesta), her lifelong friend, has confessed that she has always been in love with him.

They say that if a door closes a window opens, will that be what will happen to the thief? Will you say goodbye to Stockholm and Cincinnati to start a relationship with Manila? We will find out from December 3, the date on which the second volume of The Money Heist and Netflix.

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